Saturday, December 6, 2014 Office Project: Journey With Me to Phase Three...My Meantime Photos!!


Vision Office (more photos to come!)

Turkey Day is over and now it's time to shift gears as we all prepare for Christmas!  Between the sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (today!), your Christmas gift list should be a little easier to complete.  I started shopping last night and I have to be honest, the gift I purchased was on "my" gift list for me! I always do that...every year I have to purchase a special gift for myself, just because!  I'll let you in on what I purchased pretty soon. It is something that I needed and can use in my office. 

Well, I'm moving to the third phase of my office project and finally, I can say that I am now beginning to build my vision board!  It took me this long just to get the room cleaned out, thoroughly.  I'm done with the cleaning and I've even went a step further with assembling my furniture (all by proud of me)!  Do you remember when I told you I had ordered it a few weeks ago?  Well, it arrived in the mail and I only needed two pieces instead of the three, after planning it out.  Basically, it's just what I wanted and all that I needed, so I'm happy! 

I'm still building my vision board because I've only added pictures of the furniture I wanted on the board so far, but I will be adding paint color swatches soon, so you will see it grow with more pictures, quickly!  I'm undecided on wall colors but hoping as I continue to build my vision board, I will have a better idea of what colors I want.  Check out my pictures below of how my office looks NOW!  This project is coming together well.  It's taken some time to get here, from when I first started.  Let's take a look at the logistics and timeline again and I hope you enjoy my Meantime photos!  I'm on schedule with a realistic plan and moving right along!
Keep following....the AFTER photos are going to be great!



Quick Review of Logistics
1.  Start Date: 9/5/14 (see post "LOFT101 Office Decorating Project:  Before Pictures)

2.  Updates Along The Way 
*9/9/14 (see post "Checking In on My Project:  The Logistics") 
*10/5/14 (see post "Update to My Office:  PHASE One")
*10/29/14 (see post " Office Project...I'm Moving on to Phase Two!")
*11/10/14 (see post "Update to My Office Project:  Functionality & Style Of My  Office Furniture Selections")

3. Proposed Finish Date: 2/28/15

My Gift Wrap Hutch & Craft Table/Desk....Love it!!

Old Wall Ladder (holds large crafting equipment (cricut & cuttlebug), cartridges, craft demos & books) I will be doing a separate project on this wall ladder.  Watch how different it will look at the end of this project!

Remember this? My pink "Create A Quiet Place" flower.  I promised there would be a place for it in my office!

Oh yea, forgot to mention to you, I like to take professional pictures of all of my work!  I have a mini photo corner I'm setting up in my office with my photo equipment.  I am looking forward to starting up some "You Tube" segments in 2015.  That's me, expanding and chasing my dream!

OK, by now, you may know that I love these fashionable mannequin dress forms!  I own two of them and I use them to hold gift tags, beads and other other ornamental craft stuff!  I like to decorate them too with lights and flowers.  Santa's hat is hanging out too!! It's a girl thing, I!!

My "Favor Full of Fluff"!  Thanks for making this craft original idea one of most popular post viewed since October 2014!  I'm displaying all of my work and here I go again....don't be surprised if you see this craft idea illustrated in a book sometime in the future!!!!  I'm just hinting and hoping! 

My Office Bathroom is just clean!  Not much done in here yet but it will be pretty too...thinking of wall paper :-)

Love My French Provincial Antique Chair!  This is a keeper and fits in so well with my office.  My gray desk chair is not fancy but sturdy, firm and great for my back and posture especially when I'm blogging and writing for long periods of time.  I'm getting older and have to keep my spine!! get the first peek of the first tree to go up in our house!  Yes, it's in my office!!  I've owned this little wired tree for over 15 years and it stills lights up perfectly!  I'll be decorating it this week and it sits right next to my desk, in front of my window.  What more could a girl ask for?  Another, favorite thing I will be staring at when I need that quiet moment in my quiet place!  Check out my tree decorations later this week..I am going to transform this look!!