Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Thought For Today: Invest In Yourself In 2015

Hi There!

Well, the clock is ticking down and soon it will be 2015!  OMG, where did the year go?  I spent some time thinking about all that I accomplished this year and I'm pretty satisfied with!!  My biggest accomplishment is becoming a blogger.  I started in August of this year and I wrote about how I was a "Wanna Be Blogger" but was looking forward to investing in myself and learning about something that I knew absolutely nothing about.  You feel me? 

I truly knew nothing about blogging but I knew that there was something in me that wanted to do more with myself and my gift, than what I was doing.  Who would think, that my becoming a blogger, would bring out that extra fulfillment! I feel like I am in a season that is fitting for me but truly, only time will tell.

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed sharing all of my home and craft ideas, thoughts for today and real life stories with you, my viewers and followers, over the last half of this year.  Many times, my sharing with you, helped, healed and held me, when I was down, despondent and disgusted with different things I had going on in my own life.  My blog, became my journal, as I wrote endlessly about up, down and in between days I sometimes experienced, in 2014.  I count it all joy that I started this blog because it is now an outlet for me, for so many reasons. 

It's only been 5 months since I launched, a blog site that I envisioned would introduce others to new things and home ideas for real life.  Hoping to take others out of their comfort zones to try new decorating ideas, organizing by layering, creating and using natural cleansers, learning new recipes, refreshing and changing things in and around your home, using the same old stuff you have but making it all look new again! Thanks for the comments, emails and photos some shared on my DIY crafts you tried out and the awesome outcomes! Thanks for sharing with me how I sparked a "new you", "in you", by my inspiring "thought for today" posts.  I appreciate all of you that now feel like you want to be more creatively crafty, to start dreaming and chasing a passion that you've being holding inside, since forever! 

Thank you for following & for taking the time
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Invest in yourself  this new year!!!
So much more is promised to each of us, we just need to keep believing that it will be provided, sooner than we know....Bless you & and the very best to you, in this New Year!!

Love Ya!