Friday, December 5, 2014

My Thought For Today: Write It Down...Let It Be Today!

Back in August 2014, I shared with you on my "More About Me" page that every now and then, I come across a saying or some words that stay with me for awhile. Well, here I go, "introducing you to something new" that I am adding to my "favorite words to say"...write it down...let it be today! Oh yea, you feeling me? I'm writing it down, Why? Because I told you when I started this whole blog thing, that I work at my best when I can see a plan on paper and Why today? Because why wait...? Don't wait for the next second, minute, hour or tomorrow! Start dreaming, planning and making it happen, today! My new words: Write It Down...Let It Be Today! 

It's that simple!  You are your best cheerleader, advocate, teacher and friend!  Pump yourself up, believe what God has already promised each of us and start championing your destiny, right now!  See you at the finish!!!!