Thursday, January 29, 2015

~ 6 Energy Saving Tips~ Huddle, Cuddle & Reserve.... to Conserve Energy In Your Home!

Hi There!
Brrrrrr!! It's freezing out there!  Well, you may be fortunate enough to live in a warmer climate than me and the need to conserve on energy is not a worry for you but that's ok, you can still huddle and cuddle anyway ;-)!!!
I'm always thinking of ways to save money and I came up with 6 tips that can help with conserving some energy in our house and at the same time contribute to some other delights, that you might like!  You know, like!  Getting closer with my "boo" (that is my hubby!) is always nice...check out my 6 Tips on conserving energy in your home and here's to STAYING WARMER!!! 
Crank up the FIREPLACE - Ooh La La La!  Time to cuddle and save energy at the same time.  Camp out in front of your fireplace and who cares about the rest of the house being heated...;-)!!  Oh yea, while you are cuddling, turn on some Tina Marie, one of my favorite artist and how'd you guess...yes, the song I'll be playing is Ooh la la la!!  That's perfect for cuddling......LOL!   *CAUTION: Fireplaces can be dangerous if they are actual wood burning, as well as gas or electric.  They should NEVER be left unattended!  Do not fall asleep with your fireplace on, NEVER!
Stock the CROCKPOT - Fat free/low fat chicken stock, celery, carrots, string beans, onions and boneless chicken makes a great chicken soup! It's healthy cooking and super low on calories!  Also, using your crockpot saves you time to do other things like decorating or!  Crockpots can be very energy efficient. *CAUTION:  Always follow directions for leaving crockpots unattended to avoid fire or harm.
Cozy up with an ELECTRIC BLANKET - No worries!  With an electric blanket, you forget about everything else that's going on outside the covers!  It's like being in a world of your own...;-)!  Bury yourself in the warmth, get closer, cuddle up with your boo and save on energy while you sleep! *CAUTION: Please be sure to follow directions for any electric blankets, to avoid injury or harm.
Choose to CAR POOL - Ok.. KUDOS for the gas prices that have dropped significantly in the past month!  Yes!  We are all, happy about that.  This is the best time to car pool.  You will save a ton of money and can plan to bank the extra, that you save on fuel.  Have a conversation with "friends" that travel to work at the same place and distance you do.  Check and see if they would want to car pool.  Take turns with parents, that are "your friends" and agree to certain days that you can rotate dropping the kids off to school.  This will encourage and allow the opportunity for both households to save money during this time, while gas rates are at a low!!  *NOTE:  I emphasize "friends" because you don't want just anybody car pooling your kids and you don't want to car pool yourself, with just anybody.  The world we live in, this day in age, encourages you to know who you and your kids, are in close quarters with!  Be smart.
Take power SHOWERS -   Save on that water bill and enjoy the one stop, power shower, I talked about in my "Spa Day " post!  Wash your hair, shave your legs and clean your body, all in one shot and in one shower visit. Want to make it even more exciting and save even more on that water bill?  Share a shower with your spouse or significant other!!  Yes, no shame in it, huddle and cuddle...LOL!  We're adults right?  I'm keeping it real and "real life"!!  With this hurried life we live in, its necessary to reserve some time to get closer and at the same time, you will conserve on your water use...ok, that all depends on how long you stay in the shower, together.....happy, happy!!  It's ok, remember, you are an adult...LOL ;-)
Monitor & Manage your THERMOSTAT - simply put, when you are hanging out at home during the day, get dressed!  Layer up in some warm flannel pajamas or your comfy clothes and set the thermostat to a moderate temperature throughout the day.  No need to crank up the heat, all day long, when you can get dressed and save on energy!  When night comes, head to the bedroom and get under that warm electric blanket...;-)!
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