Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Wing and A Prayer Weekend...Super Bowl Party With TV Tables!

"Time Out"...I call this the "Wing and a Prayer" weekend because, while you are eating your wings, I know you will be praying that your team wins the Super Bowl..LOL!

Hi Everyone!
Ok.  Break out those TV tables that have been in your closet for awhile...LOL!  Yes, you almost forgot about them, right?  Well, we do tend to forget about one of the "must haves", from back in the day!  TV tables have been around for a long time and this weekend is the weekend to use them.  Yes, you can still find them for purchase at WalMart, Target or if you want to get fancy, Pier 1 Imports!  Here's our TV tables in the photos below and they will be getting a good workout this weekend!  
The Setup (2 Ideas that I Use)
Set up a buffet table with your TV tables and instantly you have added space for folks to feed themselves while you kick back with them!  Line your TV tables up together (one next to the other), in a straight line against the wall or somewhere out of the way, cover with tablecloths (game colors would be nice for d├ęcor), set up serving trays with sterno burners and add your food.  It's buffet style baby, all the way!!! 
Create a beverage table in the "man cave" for your man and his crew by putting the TV tables together, in a square (use 4 tables for this setup) covering them with "game & team colored tablecloths", fill a bucket with ice to chill their favorite drinks for the game, some cups, nip size bottles of water and some ice.  Yes, they can get their drink on and serve themselves as many times as they want, without bothering you! 

The Menu   
It's time to get the grill fired up and get the grub ready for the game!  Oh yea, we don't really care if it's cold, snowing or not, the grill is getting fired up!! The menu is done and the food shopping is about to start ...TODAY ;-)!  I have to be honest, I'm not someone that knows the sport of football, even a little bit (smile) but I do know how to cook and eat!  Yes, when it's time for the big game, at the end of the day, I'm a fan, "for real"!!!
Congratulations to all the folks out there that are fortunate enough to see your teams compete tomorrow but for many of us it really doesn't matter if our teams are playing tomorrow or not, we are still going to celebrate with you and eat a whole lot of food!  What's on your menu?  Oh yea, it's a no brainer, buffalo chicken wings, are at the top of the list when it comes to celebrating the Super Bowl!  I think buffalo wings are as popular on Super Bowl Weekend as turkey is on Thanksgiving Day..;-)! 
What you eating??  I know for sure, many of us will also be having chili!  Chili is another good choice of foods for this weekend and feeds a lot of people!  Get creative with your chili.  Try different meats such as ground turkey or venison.  Emeril Lagasse has an awesome recipe for Venison Chili at
Game Time
Well, time's up because I have get busy and get going!  I'll be shoulder to shoulder with my husband, getting the shopping done and with cooking up the food on our menu.  Good eatin' and send me a comment, if you want to share! I would love to hear from you ;-)..."Enjoy the game"! 

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