Saturday, January 24, 2015

Getting Organized in 2015: 6 Tips for Organizing & Creating A "Real Life" Kitchen Pantry


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Keeping a perfect pantry is a challenge for many households.  I find myself having to clean and organize my pantry every few months.  I discovered something that helps with organizing and many of you may use this product too.  I purchased this two-tier, non-skid turntable and it really helped me with organizing my seasonings.  It's amazing how you can spend hours reorganizing and then when you finish, it doesn't look like a photo shoot that could be used in a magazine but it works for "you"!!

There is a reason for that.  In "real life", I need my storage spaces to not only be organized but purposeful. I have to be able to find the salt and pepper shakers.  Our snacks, have to be in line-of-sight for us to grab, when we are having a snack attack!!  The appliances that I don't use, don't need to be stored in the front but in the back.  I want a pantry that is functional and realistic. 

6 Tips For Organizing & Creating A "Real Life" Pantry:

Empty & Donate - see if any of the labels on your items have expired,  If so, discard them to make more space.  Keep what you will really eat also!  Sometimes we buy things because we are hungry when we go grocery shopping, only to realize that its been sitting in our pantry for months, meaning this is not one of your "favorite things or staple items", you reach for on a regular basis.  Any can goods or boxed foods that are in excess and you don't plan on eating, put them to the side and donate to your local food bank.  resource:  Your Local Food Bank

Divide - try to separate can goods from other items like boxes or bags.  Sorting items in this manner will make your pantry work much better for you.  Immediately, when you open your pantry door, you will know what you are looking for, most times and you will also know whether it stores in a bottle or a box, so by dividing boxes, bags and cans in your pantry space, steers you in the right direction, right away. 

Stack - Arrange items like pastas and snacks in stacks.  You can buy stackable storage containers for pastas and snacks.  Try to buy clear containers that can easily display what the item is without out opening it and another bonus is that you will save space by stacking the containers on top of each other.  resource:  Rubbermaid Products

Reduce - Turntables such as the photo I shared, are great for reducing the clutter in your pantry.  I've found that having this turntable for my seasonings, has kept my pantry so much neater.  No longer do I have small bottles falling out when I open the door!  Also, I know where the salt and pepper shakers are without having to search through the entire pantry.  You can purchase two-tier or single turntables.  resource:  Bed, Bath and Beyond

Store - Store appliances away according to how you use them.  The appliances you don't use as often, store them in the back of the cabinet.  I don't like to store any appliances out on my countertop unless I am using them on a daily basis or at least twice a week.  Otherwise, they will collect dust, adding to your chores when its time to clean them off!  If you can create a space to store and tuck your appliances away, you've won half the battle with organizing and saving space in your kitchen.  Its nice to show off you appliances but if you don't have to, please don't!
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