Friday, January 2, 2015

Resolutions: Me Time Fulfillments & Meantime Goals

Ok, let's get serious!  I'm sharing one of my favorite plaques I have on my desk.  I look at this plaque everyday and it encourages me and although I don't drink alcohol or wine, I reach for my water with lemon for a relaxing refreshment, when I want to take it down a notch.  It's the New Year and I know you all have put some resolutions in place that you want to accomplish, just as I have but "are you serious about it"?  Well, it's time to get serious and it's time to invest yourself in you...I'll be referring to that phrase throughout this year because I plan to do even more this year to position myself for the promises that are coming my way... 

Let's start by making a list of things that I call "me time" fulfillments and "meantime" goals!  "Me time" fulfillments are all the things I need to do for "me" to get the "meantime" goals done!  You tracking?  Oh yea, we are going to have fun this year on my blog and we are taking care of us first, so we can decorate, re-decorate, refresh, organize, accessorize, entertain, clean, craft and everything else that we want to get accomplished in 2015! 

Our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies and souls need to be correct and in line, so that when we set out to introduce ourselves to new things and journey through this "real life", we can also enjoy our successes.  Life should be fun.. ok, sometimes (smile) but if you don't celebrate "you" in the midst of your successes, then you miss out on the happiness and the simples joys of living!  Feel me? 

Remember, try to pick realistic fulfillments and goals that you can make happen because the idea here is that you want to accomplish all or some of what you set out to do this year.  These are some of the things I want to accomplish and do more of in 2015, while I still have fun blogging and sharing with you!!   Make it a great day...


"Me Time"  - Fulfillments
Treat myself to Massages at least 4 times this year 
Plan Spa Time at Home, more often
Get more Pedicures
Get more Manicures
Spend Time in a Quiet Place, more often
Pray & Thank God Daily, no matter how busy I am
Work Out at least 3 times a week for 15 min
Relax and enjoy my free time, without interruptions
Drink more water with lemon

"Meantime" - Goals
Finish My Home Office Project
Start the Loft Decorating Project in our home
Select and apply backsplash in kitchen