Saturday, January 17, 2015 Office Project: Vision Board Coming To Life & I'm Almost Done!

Happy Saturday ;-)!
OMG, I have been so busy finishing up my Office project that I have had no time to post as often!  Ok, some of you are probably saying, "thank God she is not filling up my inbox on a daily basis for a"!!  That's ok..I can take it!!!  Well,  I've finished the painting and decaling and went shopping for the remaining furniture and office essentials that I need to convert what was once a "Princess Bedroom", into an Office Loft that is going to be my very own quiet place when I need to pray, blog, craft, decompress and relax! It's like having a woman cave!

Logistically, I'm about a month ahead of schedule with finishing this project as I committed to and that makes me very happy! The next photos I'll be posting in a week or so will be the finished project: Headquarters!  I'm so excited of the hard work I have put into this project and hoping all of my hard work encourages you to convert a room in your home to an office space that you can call your own. 

Here's a photo tour of some nice finds I picked up to finish accessorizing my office.  Keep following because I'm also working on "organizing my clutter".  I'll be sharing pictures of that small project too, in a few days.  Time to "invest in you"! 
Start a new project this year to "create a quiet place", for you.  You can do it!  Follow my guidelines on my Logistics and Vision Board Pages to get started and along the way, remember you can always contact me for suggestions ;-)!

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