Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Thought For Today: It's All Good...

Can I share something with you?  This is something "that I use to do".  When I would grocery shop, I would usually have some sort of list of items that I planned to purchase but like many of us, I would always pick up other things that were not on my list. 
 "There really is some truth in going grocery shopping when you are hungry because somehow those hunger pains kick in and if you are like me, you start picking up things that you wish you had eaten, before you arrived at the supermarket or things you plan on eating, after you leave!!"
Anyway, that's not the main thought I wanted to share with you today.  I can remember many times, when I would begin looking for those items on my list, I would start to compare prices and if something was a few dollars cheaper than a similar item, I would get the cheaper one.  Now, don't get me wrong, I still think that was good to do because I did save money but what I found was, "I wasn't really satisfied".  Sometimes, it was because of the flavor, the size, the brand but mostly the quality.
Sometimes in life, we sacrifice the quality of enjoying some of the small things that we want to do for ourselves, in order to save a few dollars. Many times that money you thought you saved, was probably spent on a cup of coffee, a meal you didn't really enjoy, junk food or a million other things you can't recall. I know, because I do it too!!  I've learned now, that when it comes to the small things in life that I really want, I get them!  
Don't shortchange on you.  If you are able to stretch on something that you truly want, then go the extra mile and treat yourself to it! Invest in you and you'll feel good about the extra dollars you spent!  Hesitating?  Don't, go ahead, do it!   It's all good because it's all about "doing you"...
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