Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Thought For Today: Using My Overflow For A Sentimental Refresh


BEFORE (white)
AFTER (heather gray)
Have you ever been looking for just the right thing that you needed to complete a project?  I wrote a post some time ago about "overflow".  Overflow can mean so many things.  When I think of it as a Christian, I think of my cup running over with so many of the wonderful blessings that God has given me.  When I think of it as an interior decorator, I think of "shopping in my own house"!  What do I mean? 
Well, I wrote a post some time ago about overflow and I described it in my own words of what that word meant to me.  If you have a chance, read that post and be enlightened by what I am about to share with you.  To find that post, just go to the "search box" on my home page and type in  the word "overflow". 
After looking for days, both online and in the stores, for a craft table that would fit perfectly in my office, I realized I had the perfect table, right in my own house!  Even better, it was something that I had held onto for many years because it belong to my parents.  I never really knew what I would do with it but as my parents grew older, I desired to hold on to some of the items that they had in our home when I was a young girl and some that I saw them use together, even after their children were grown and long gone, on their own. 
This little butcher block table and stools are over 20 years old and I feel so blessed to have a part of my parents included in my Office project.  My Dad is gone now, but he would be proud of me and he knew that I always dabbled with stuff!  Mom is living life to its fullest and her support means the world to me.  She was so happy when I told her that I was going to clean that table up and repaint it, to use in my office.
I say all of this to say...Overflow is a beautiful thing!  You save a lot of money when you can shop in your own house but even more importantly than saving money, the sentimental value of using something in your home that keeps the memories of family members close to your heart, is priceless.  Keep that in mind when decorating and that special touch you need to set that project off, may be right in you own at home when all else fails ;-)! 
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