Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Thought For Today: Walk In Your Own Shoes...Broken Before Your Breakthrough

"I've got a new pair of shoes and I can't wait to break them in!"  Can we go back?  I'm sharing something here that is "real life"....I can remember way back when I was younger and I really became conscious about my "style" (fashion) and whenever I purchased a new pair of shoes, I knew that the only way I could "love" them 100%, was when I had actually "broken" them in...LOL!  That meant walking around the house while I was washing my hair or doing house chores!  I "liked" them when I purchased them in the store but can I be honest?  Those bad boys didn't feel the same after I got home!   It takes some work to go from "like" to "love" when it's got something to do with us!  You agree?

I'm trying to make a point that I continually practice myself.  Once you break those shoes in, you can claim them 100% as yours because they become molded and form fit to your feet and truthfully, they won't fit anyone else, the way that they now, fit you.  That's "real"!  The way I see it, it's the same in "life".  My life is different from your life.  Your life is different from my life.  Who I am and what I'm made up of, will not fit in who you are and what you are made up of.  It's that simple. We all have to "walk in our own shoes". 

You know the clichés "walking a mile in someone else's shoes" or "you can't understand a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes".  Your shoes will always fit "you", the best!  Many times its what you see or know on the surface about someone else, that makes you "believe" or "think" you want to be like them, look like them, have what they have or act like them.  There is so much more that makes up each of us, that no one else knows.  Those are the things that make "our shoes" custom made, just for us.  

Here's the funny thing, when we begin to break those shoes in, the areas that caused so much pain on that big toe or pinky toe (laugh), slowly begin to subside.  There really is some truth in "when your feet hurt, everything hurts"!  OMG, this is so true in LIFE!  Our feet are only a part of what makes us up as whole beings and when we are sad, depressed or hurt from something that has happened in our lives, we are not whole because our heart and feelings are broken.  We hurt like our feet...all over!!

We must learn to "walk in our own shoes", in our individual lives.  Again, I want to be authentic and real.  I'm sharing my experience to encourage you and because while my blog is about home décor, crafts, entertaining, cleaning, organizing, etc., its also about "real life"!  I long for things that I cannot afford but wish that I had.  I get weary waiting on hopes and dreams I have been chasing, for many years.  However, I also know, that what is meant for me, will be for me, in due time.  Sometimes we have to sit in that meantime, broken, before our breakthrough. Be patient, be still and please, "be you"!

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