Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Office Project Vision Board: Decorating My Home Office (Final Phase)

Finally, I have my office project vision board completed to begin the decorating and final phase of this project!  This is everything I have decided on to include in my office.  Most of the furniture I have and the paint choices were just decided on last night.  I plan to add additional colors with accessories and I have chosen pink and mustard as my basic paint choices.  I know, it's scary, right?  Don't know how it's going to look but I'm coming out of my comfort zone and trying something new!  Well, I also wanted to use colors that I like and colors that would blend well with gray and white. I plan to add teal, lime green and a light lilac for accessorizing. 

I will be using decals also because I love wall decals and the one I am using is a close match to a bicycle that I own.  This bike in this decal looks so much like my beach cruiser bike, so I fell in love with it, instantly!   I'm excited to get started and hoping my choices on my vision board come together as I begin the actual decorating tomorrow. It took some time to get this vision board done but I was very particular on what I wanted in my home office. 

Remember, I committed myself to finishing this project on
15 Feb 2015 (Logistics), so I'm serious about getting this done!  However, I still need to select a pull out sofa, daybed or futon but that will probably be the last thing I purchase.  I need to get going with painting and I will be starting first thing tomorrow.  Stay tuned and keep's going to be interesting to see how this vision comes together!!!  Hoping these ideas will help you out too with your future office project!

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