Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Getting Organized in 2015: Cleaning and Coordinating My Clutter One Space At A Time

Does your closet look like this? Say YES!!!!

I hope I'm not alone in needing to get my clutter under control!  My clothes in my closet are all over the place, as you can!  What's so funny is that I actually can find everything I need, when I need it!  You too?  How sad is that?  We actually can get use to living like this because as long as we know where our "stuff" is, who cares what it looks like! 

Well,  I'm committing to getting my clutter cleaned and coordinated, one space at a time.  I know I can't do it all in one day or one week but I've decided that I will take one area at a time in my home that needs to be cleaned out and start organizing things so that it not only looks better, but functions better.  I'm starting with my closet.  I share a small walk in closet with my husband and I have to be honest, his half of the closet looks better than mine (don't tell!

I'll start with this and move on to the vanity space underneath my sink where I keep all of my girlie stuff!  Realistically, this will work because eventually my home will be neater, more organized and less congested.  This is my before photo and I'll share my after photo by this weekend.  Next week, I'll move on to the next space.  Try it with me...please!!!!  We can both get organized together.  Share your comments and before and after photos at the end of my post so I can see how well you did!  Keep following......and make it a great day!