Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valentine's Day Is On The Way...Can We Go Back?

Valentine's Day is on the way and "love" is all over!!! 
You like my door d├ęcor?  I put this wreath up the other day and I love decorating with these gel cutouts.  I don't like to go over the top too much with decorating for Valentine's Day, but I don't like to ignore it either.  I got engaged on this day, so it is very special to me!  It's also a holiday that let's me get crafty and that's what I like...LOL!!!!
Well, this will be my first craft project for 2015 and I want you to join me on this one.  It's simple.  I'm going back to my elementary days...;-)!!  Remember when you were in school and how you use to cut out paper hearts from construction paper?  OMG, how exciting was that (big time for me cause I like crafting)!!!  Well, I'll be cutting out some paper hearts and decorating them too, just like we use to do when we were kids.  You can use them on your dinner table or apply some double tape to the back of them and stick them on the mirrors in your home.  Oh yea, it's about to get "lovely" up in my house...I'm setting the mood!  I'll be using my embosser and die cutter also to make some Valentine Day cards but you don't need these tools to join in with me.  
When was the last time you had some "kid" fun or reflected back, on the days when you were a kid?  Remember how you couldn't wait to go to school on Valentine's Day so you could give that colorful Valentine Day card that had hearts and cupids all over it, to that special friend in your class ...oh, I know you are starting to think about it!!!  Mom would make sure she picked up a box of cards for you, the night before, from the grocery store! She made sure you had all your cards filled out for each classmate but there was always a special person that would get the best card in the box.....stop laughing ;-)!!! 

You may not have known how to add and subtract sometimes or spell every word perfectly but you did know who you liked in that extra special way, even at 5 years old!
Remember, how your heart would race and beat really fast when you gave the best card to that special someone in class that you really liked?  OMG, this is "real life", right?    I'm laughing so hard right now, cause its true!!  Even then at 5 or 6 years old, you really thought you "liked" somebody....LOL,LOL!!!!   Funny but innocent, right? 
Can we go back?  Will you join me, socially, in making some paper hearts and cards that you can give out to those specials folks in your life, on Valentine's Day?  Surely, we all have someone that we can share a "heart" with!
Love on your spouse, your significant other, your children, your parents, your sisters & brothers, your friends, your neighbors, your family, your pets...just love on somebody, doesn't cost a thing!! 
NOTE FROM DEB:  I'll post this craft project a few days in advance so that you will have time to make some of the ideas I share and I hope you will join in and send me a comment and photo(s) of how your "cards" and "hearts" came out.  Post them on Valentine's Day right here, at the end of this post.  Just log back in and go to "search" on my home page, find this post (type in Valentine's Day) and click/reply to "Comments" at the bottom, so I can see what you made!  I'll be posting this craft on Tuesday, 10 Feb 15.  That gives you 3-4 days to make your hearts and cards, from the ideas I share.  Have fun!!!
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