Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Valentine's Day Idea: Saying I Love You Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Ok...You are going to love this idea and you have to try it!  Please try it!  It's one of my best ideas and it's unique, original and from the heart!!  OMG, saying I love you cannot get better than this and guess what... I'm introducing it to you!
There's 9 letters in the word "VALENTINE" and oh yea, I'm sharing "my" 9 words that say I love you, from the one word that says it all!  Bet you never thought about it but being innovative is simply this sort of thinking.  Thinking outside the box is what makes you creative and different.  You can create your own greeting card or song from this idea and at the same time, be unique in your giving by creating something that is in your own words and "only from you"!

Here it is:  My husband is going to read this, so I will have to do this idea twice but that's ok!  I strive to be different and I wanted to give my husband something different for Valentine's Day this year since that's kind of an anniversary for us, since we got engaged on that day.  So, I got to thinking and I said, "I've got it"!  I can make him a card from me and fill it out with my own words.  I'm always creating or crafting something, so he knows that every now and then, he will be the recipient of one of those ideas...LOL!!  But he enjoys it!  

After playing around with a few ideas, I thought about taking each letter in the word VALENTINE and coming up with 9 words, from that one word, as a basis to start my message.  It worked!  As I chose words from each letter, I thought about my husband, what he meant to me and what my marriage means to me.  These are my 9 words I came up with and check out my message for his card!!!  You can do this too, for anyone and everyone that holds a special place in your♡!

V  -  Value
A  -  Attracted
L  -  Loveable
E  -  Enough
N  -  Nice
T  -  Truly
  -  Interesting
N -  New
E -  End
Check out my VALENTINE message to my hubby using this idea and next week I am going to craft this message into a card that will look awesome and better than any card I could buy!  Keep following to make your card too ......  
Dear Sweetie:
I know this card may take you by surprise but I had you on my mind and I wanted you to know that I love you and that I value our marriage every day that I live.  I am attracted to you and your loveable way just as much today, as I was the day we met.  Sometimes there are not enough hours in a day to share all of my thoughts with you!  It's nice to know that you will listen ;-).  Truly, I love that you still find what I have to say interesting and new, even though I have probably shared the same stories over and over again!  I love you and I always will, until the end of our days!
Happy Valentine's Day!
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