Saturday, February 28, 2015

Self Bullying: 7 Ways To Stay In The Game {Dream Chaser}

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Many times, we go through life facing all kinds of challenges.  Some good and some bad.  People challenge you, your job challenges you and even when you were a child, some kid would try to scare you and challenge you to a fight.  Remember those days?  I know about them well because someone would always want to challenge me to a fight in school and when I looked around, instead of it being one person that wanted to fight me, it would be 3 or 4 girls that were ready to jump me!!  I was like a magnet for bullying!  Every time I turned around, somebody wanted to start a fight with me!  That's a true story and although it happened many years ago, I can still remember those days, like they were yesterday.

Don't Bully Yourself...Stay In The Dream Chaser Game
So what's my point? Here it is...don't bully yourself! It's ugly when someone bullies someone else, but it's even uglier when you bully yourself!!  This is called self bullying.  When you challenge yourself to do something, keep going because in the end, when you succeed, it will be a time to "celebrate you"!  Don't get scared or be intimidated by others saying you can't do something and definitely don't tell yourself that.  Don't bully yourself, but instead challenge yourself, to keep going and to stay in the dream chaser game.  It will make a better person out of you and others will be amazed.  I know this, for sure. 

 Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful...
When you get to a point where you have to "beat yourself up" to learn something new, then its probably not for you.  That's bullying yourself.  You don't want to do that.  Just realize its not for you and move on to a new dream.  It may appear that it is "what you were made to do"  or "your gift" but "here it is"...if it does not come to you somewhat naturally and you are struggling at making it happen, then its probably "not your gift" and in the end, you lose gaining any enjoyment from it.  Remember this...when you challenge yourself versus someone else challenging you, you have the ball in your court, right from the start!  You can stop the duel whenever you want, so don't beat yourself up. Just stop, and start over again!

7 Ways To Stay In The Game
Stop - Don't waste anymore time on old dreams. 
Decompress - Take a mental dump.
Overcome Denial - Let go of the old stuff that did not work.
Re-Evaluate - Look at what went wrong, thoroughly.
Re-Build - Create a vision board aka dream board, for inspiration to start again. 
Start Over - Begin a new dream.
Celebrate - Staying in the game!
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