Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dance and Romance: A Valentine's Day Table Setting For Two!

Hi There!

OMG, I'm getting so excited!  I've been working so hard this week on planning the perfect Valentine's Day occasion and I'm ready to dance and romance with my sweetie! I just decorated the table and LOVE is in the air!  Now, its time to think about the menu.  I picked up some heart shaped plates (dinner and salad size) from Target and I'm sure they will work out well with whatever we decide to eat!

It's ready, set and go time! 

Let's check in....

If you have been following me all week, then you should have your paper hearts and cards completed by today and then tomorrow, you can decorate your table.  Last on the list, is the menu.  

Let's hope our better halves are cooking or ordering food "in" because the mood has been set and it's time to get this party and romance!

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Chocolate Truffles are a "must have"!!!
Sparkling Apple Cider (chilled) good!

LOVE dangling from above! My Handmade Pouf Heart Charms!

One of my favorite candle fragrances, Sweet Pea Pomegranate!

"Love My" Handmade Hearts!

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