Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Going Green" Has Gone Viral: 8 Tips for Natural & Organic Eco-Friendly Cooking!

It's obvious that "going green" has "gone viral"! Magazine companies are "going green" and are choosing to use recycled paper instead of other paper grades.  Soy candles are increasing in popularity and "going green" as makers are now using soy base waxes instead of paraffin waxes to decrease the amount of soot that comes from burning candles.  Homeowners are also required to "go green", separating our trash from our recyclables on a daily basis!

Green is all around us!!

Going green is now a way of life and cooking green in the kitchen has its benefits.  It's healthy for you and your family.  Even organic foods are taking on their own section in the grocery stores, these days.  I'm beginning to purchase organic foods more now than I ever have.  One of my favorite organic foods to buy is chicken wings.  I cannot eat chicken with hair on it!  I have never seen any hair on organic chicken wings.  Well, that's to say where I purchase my organic wings from, I've never witnessed!  That alone, sold me on the idea that buying organic products may cost a little more but from a health perspective, it is so well worth it.
Did you know that organic cooking keeps chemicals away from your body?  Also eating eco-friendly can save money on your grocery bill too.  As you begin to read more about going green, just as I have, you will learn that "green cookware" is more efficient to use because you use less oils, less butter and its safer.  You can find a variety of choices on the market today for eco-friendly cookware that allows you to actually save on your energy bill, every month.  
We received this eco-friendly pan in the photo as a Christmas gift from a family member and I was excited about it because I have an interest in eco-friendly products, natural foods, organic products and the whole "going green", universal initiative.   I've decided to invest in additional "green" eco-friendly cookware and after checking out my list on more ways that you can "go green", you may want to invest in some "green" cookware too...;-).

Courtesy Credit For Online Resource:  I forgot to mention the resource that I used to help with writing this post and that's important!  So, I am correcting my oversight from the original post that was dated for 26 Feb 2015, to now include the resource that I used to assist with this post: ...its a very good site, with great ideas on eco-friendly cooking...I've listed some of their tips and have also added some additional comments and verbiage, from my own personal experiences! 

More Ways To "Go Green" 

1.  Purchase Fresh Fruits & Vegetables.  You will get the freshest fruits and vegetables on the market when you buy from a vegetable stand. 
2.  Buy Organic Foods.  This is just a healthier way of eating.  Good health, less visits to the doctor's office!
3.  Use Leftovers.  If you have leftover chicken, use it to make a chicken soup for the next few days.  Add your fresh veggies and you have created a new meal for the next few days. 
4.  Use & Re-Use Aluminum Foil.  I line everything with aluminum foil to save on cleaning more pots and pans.  This in turn, saves money on your water bill.  If you can re-use a piece of aluminum foil, do so but be sure to not cross-contaminate certain foods, especially chicken.
5.  Invest in Eco-Friendly Cookware.  Using this type of cookware will help reduce energy usage in your kitchen and keep chemicals away from your body. You will also use less oils and butter, that contributes to healthier cooking also.
6.  Cook with Natural Gas.  It's been proven that gas cooking is a great green choice.  Using natural gas is energy efficient and eco-friendly.
7.  Choose Fruit over Chips.  It's eco-friendly and healthier eating.  Choosing fruit over chips is nutritionally better for you and conserves energy used in packaging, processing and then having to recycle that potato chip bag, once you are done.
8.  Grow a Garden.  Gardens have always been a resourceful pastime and many households have actually taken on growing gardens as a necessity rather than a hobby.  It doesn't get any better than the dirt from the earth, so start planting and growing your own fruits and vegetables for a healthier way of eating.  Save money on your grocery bill too!!
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