Thursday, February 12, 2015

How To Make A Turban Style Tablescape

This tablescape is too easy to make!  It's called turban style and it's an original idea and technique from and I'm introducing you to something new right now because that's what I!  Let's get started...

It's called turban style because of the way you have to position the tissue paper in the bottom of the glass vase.  You must roll the tissue paper from one end to the other and when you lay it in the vase, you want to roll it around like you would if you were creating a turban.  Do this for each of the sheets of tissue paper and as you roll it around, you will fill the bottom of the vase and at the same time, the height will increase. This technique makes tissue paper look beautiful, especially if you do multiple colors! 

This design style is one that I created and use often, when I am using tissue paper in a vase or glass bowl.  It's neat and secures well, especially when you are building a vase with other components aside from the tissue paper.  The rest is pretty simple. Depending on what size vase you use, will depend on how many sheets of tissue paper you will need.  I used 6 sheets for this project.

Follow the illustrations below and if you have questions, send me a comment at the end of this post or send me an email.  I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Have fun making this because it's easy to do but it looks like it took you hours to make...;-)!

Tissue paper needs to be rolled before placing in vase.

Here's the paper flower I used for the center.  Purchased at Target.

Here's the paper straws I used for the stem.  Purchased at Target. 

Bunch the straws together and add a rubber band at the bottom, to secure them.

Start layering your vase with tissue paper, turban style.

Remove flower from package.

Turn flower over and extend the middle straw about 2 inches out from the bunch and using double sided tape, attach the straw to the base of the flower.  Keep applying tape until both are securely attached to each other.

Place the stem/flower into the center of the vase, making sure it fits through the center freely, until it reaches the bottom of the vase.  The tissue paper will hold it in place.  Good job!!
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