Sunday, February 15, 2015

Launching LoftTalk in March 2015: Social Media Sharing @

Welcome to LoftTalk on, coming your way in March 2015!  It's butter baby, all the way!  It's as simple as believing and it's building at it's very best...via social media sharing!  Don't be shy :-)...we are not here to judge each other but to love one another...

Hi There!
I'm introducing a new initiative and I'm stepping out on faith with this new idea!  I mentioned on a prior post that I wanted to open a blog page and platform for my viewers, followers and subscribers, to share a link to their site, an inspiring short story, a good recipe, a decorating tip or idea, an encouraging word, an accomplishment, something funny, a project that you are proud of, something you crafted and the "how to" instructions or anything else that can benefit and introduce others to something new, they can try or do!  Here's another option:  Remember the cliche, "a picture is worth a thousand words".  I share photos all of the time because it creates a more "real life" moment. Maybe you lost a lot of weight and you want to share your "before, meantime and after" moment and how you got there. That is inspiring news to share, on the LoftTalk platform!

Beginning March and every month thereafter for the next 10 months, I'll post a "LoftTalk Request" page and at the end of the month, I'll post a page with the information I have received. The page with the information will be titled:  "LoftTalk for (current month) 2015:  Social Media Sharing on".  I am excited to see the good that will come out of this effort.  It may start off slow and I may have no input at first but that's ok because I always have something to!!  So, you will always have a monthly word from me on LoftTalk.  It starts with me and I believe, so I will always share, each month, regardless.

I'm not concerned with the quantity of information I receive more than the quality of what you contribute.  One person sharing something good, can affect a mass amount of people.  It's all about what you have to say, not how much you have to say.  Remember that.  It can be a little or a lot, doesn't matter.  Just make it purposeful.  I love to talk to you and I hope you will talk back to me, on LoftTalk!  

Do not share any personal information or names of others when you contribute to LoftTalk, but instead, share your content in a way that it will be meaningful to someone that would want to consider entertaining your idea or enjoy reading your story.  You tracking?  Keep real life ideas, real.  I want this effort to be amazing and as I post the page each month on my rolling blog, the information for that month will then be transferred over to my Corner LOFT101 page, to store and stay.  This way, you can always go back and view what you wrote.  Contribute each month, if you like.  Keep it clean and remember to always uplift and not tear down, when contributing your ideas, for others to read. 
I'm sharing with you, so that you will share with me and the viewers of

I love new recipes, new decorating tips, inspiring stories and ideas for "real life & real living".   Dare to be different and start today by thinking about what you will share next month or the months to follow!  It's still FREE to SUBSCRIBE.  Subscribe to today, so you never miss a post!
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