Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Let's Link Up: Introducing LoftTalk...Interactive Social Media Sharing

Hi There!
Have you ever wanted to share something that you were proud of, like an idea, a recipe, a project you completed or an inspirational thought?  Well, if you are a fan of loft101.net, you know I share all day long about home ideas, cleaning tips, inspiring thoughts, organizing basics or some "real ideas" about "real life". 
I love to blog and for me it has become more than just a hobby or something I wanted to try out.  I love getting to know other people and sharing things I think will be helpful, in life!  I have received some good feedback since I started my blog in August 2014 and recently, I started thinking about how I could have more dialogue and interaction, with my followers and viewers.   It's a fact that everyone who visits, will not comment.  It's just the nature of the beast and the hurried life we live!  It's a choice people have.  Some won't finish reading sometimes because of the length and sometimes it just doesn't really interest them. Ok, I'm being real now...LOL!
Beginning in March 2015 and throughout the rest of this year, I will be opening a portion of my blog space up for "you" to talk to me about ideas, tips, basics, DIY, must haves or inspiring words for "social media sharing".  Share link(s) from your webpage or favorite webpages you think others would like (keep it clean!) and I'll post and enable the link on my Corner LOFT101 for others to click on, to view.  At the same time, you can share my content on your site. Remember my blog's emphasis is about "introducing others to something new", ideas for "real life" and relatively speaking, home ideas and inspiring thoughts!  Look out for the monthly post that will invite you to share anytime during that month.  The post will be titled "Let's Talk LoftTalk"....

"We all get better when we interact with each other."
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