Friday, February 27, 2015

To My Fashionistas & LoftTalk Ladies...This One Is Just For You! Launching in 2 Days

"Hello Ladies".....this one is just for you!!!  You like?  This is a "signature design" t-shirt specifically created for!  It's not for retail or for sale but I am giving away one t-shirt a month starting in March 2015 through December 2015, in honor of my new initiative, LoftTalk, launching in 2 days! 

Check This Out....Get Excited!!!
I've been talking and posting about LoftTalk for the last few weeks and the time is finally near!  I am so excited to share one of my very first signature designs and's all just for you!  Yes, remember my "More About Me" profile, when I mentioned I was a trailblazer for women? Well, here it is!  For all the ladies out there that are still believing in your dream, just like me, I'm spreading the love and the inspiration while I keep chasing my dreams!! Keep going, don't stop!!  I'm also working on another design idea that will be fitting for my men viewers but for right now... it's all about my LoftTalk!! 
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It's HOT...More About The T-Shirt!
This t-shirt is tailored cut to fit your shape perfectly.  I made sure of that when I decided on what style I wanted to purchase from a t-shirt company that is rapidly growing, throughout the Baltimore, MD area!  This t-shirt rocks any size waistline, big or small bust line and curvy or not-so curvy hips,!  The sleeves are semi-capped and the crisp white cotton with the distressed gray screen print, is a classic look with some Levi 501 jeans and a nice pair of heels or boots!! You feeling me?  It's HOT & you will look good in it!

The design was inspired from a craft project I created & you can only get this t-shirt from by entering for a chance to win it.   It's always about the love with me, so the xoxo that you see on the bottom corner of the t-shirt, was a must-have when working with the screen print/graphic designer, Damon Stubblefield,  Owner of Flash Teez T-Shirt Company, Baltimore Maryland area.  He and his team are professional and do awesome work.  Check him out at Damon!
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The Giveaway......Be In It, To Win It!
I'm ready to give10 of these t-shirts away! I have quantities of 5 each, in sizes large and x-large.  If you win, you will be asked what size you want and if that size is still available, it's yours!  It's as simple as that.  From March 2015 to December 2015, plan to participate in LoftTalk when the request for submission opens for that month.  Get your submission in before the last day to submit and your name will be automatically entered, for a "chance to win" this signature designer t-shirt!  *One entry, one chance, only one time, during that month...that's the rules. The winner will be notified via email and announced on the site at the end of each month.
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"Go For It" Ladies and for the Gentlemen out there, please participate for a chance to win a t-shirt for your lovely lady...;-)!! 
*Read more about LoftTalk & details by searching "LoftTalk" on my HOME Page
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