Friday, February 20, 2015

LoftTalk @ What Is it?.....Tell Me More! {Details}

What is LoftTalk and its purpose?
LoftTalk was created by the creator of the blog site and is a component of the blog site that will post LoftTalk submissions from contributors, monthly, from March 2015 to December 2015LoftTalk will allow contributors an opportunity to network, share and exchange information pertaining to home ideas, hyperlinks, decorating tips, organizing & entertaining shortcuts, cleaning basics, recipes, DIY projects, real life stories and inspirational thoughts via social media sharing, on the blog site, only.

What is the objective of LoftTalk? 
To exchange, share, communicate and build interaction with others in the social media community.  To expand on our current network of viewers, followers and subscribers, in an effort to increase online viewer traffic and establish recurring visits to the  blog site.

 How do I make a request to post my idea or story each month to LoftTalk on
Simple.  Send the content you are sharing to  Your information will not be shared with anyone and by submitting your information, you give permission to post your information on its site for others to view, when they visit the blog site.

What happens to the information I submit for the LoftTalk participation?
Your submission will be posted on the rolling blog with the other contributor's submissions for LoftTalk and later it will be transferred to the Corner Loft101 page of the site.  Please be aware that viewers, followers and subscribers do share posts that are published daily, with Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram viewers, however, no one is allowed to copy or use any content from the blog site, without permission.

How much does it cost to participate in LoftTalk on
Absolutely nothing.  You are participating and submitting information "at your own free will".  You will never be paid any money from for contributing and will not ask for any money from you, ever.  This is merely social media sharing on a blog site.  It is to be understood as the same process as others that post "comments" on the site, which they do so, at their own free will
How does LoftTalk work in conjunction with Corner Loft101?
LoftTalk and Corner Loft101 work together, within the blog site.  LoftTalk collects and displays the information on the blog roll and Corner Loft101 will display and store the information on the site, for future viewing.  It will first appear on the blog roll for viewing 
and within 30 days after the blog roll posting, the information is transferred over to the Corner Loft101 page, which is a component page within the blog site, to display and store the information for recurring visitors, to view at anytime.  This process will then start over, for the following months, ending in December 2015. 

"Ok, now that the details are out of the way"...let's get ready to share on LoftTalk found only @ in March 2015!  Looking forward to hearing from "you"...soon!
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