Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Thought For Today: Over and Over and Over Again...A Keepsake

Have you ever received a greeting card and as you began to read it, the words touched you so much that you had to start reading it all over again, a second and third time, to really "feel" what the card was saying to you?  I received a letter from my husband on Valentine's Day that said things that I already knew but him handing it to me, reading it and seeing it written down in his own words, just made it feel more real for me!  Sometimes as humans, we need to be reassured of things that we already know to be true but just appreciate hearing over and over and over again.

My daughter gave me the card in this photo for my birthday and the words within the card caused me to read it over and over and over again.  As I began to read it, so many things went through my head and with every word I read, I began to think about the years when she was a child and how she has now, become the beautiful young woman that she is.  I remember her writing me a letter when she was 12 years old, that literally made me cry!  At that time, I was working on a job that required me to travel for an extended period of time.  This was the longest I would ever be away from her.  I would be gone for over a month and my daughter, being only 12 years old, was very upset, feeling as though my going away for a month, was simply too long.  While I was away, I received a letter from her in the mail and I still have that letter displayed beautifully in a keepsake box.
I will never forget that moment and how I felt. 

You may not be able to keep every greeting card, letter or note that is given or exchanged but you can keep some of them.  Start a keepsake box today and build on it.  Add photos too.  Pottery Barn has wonderful choices for keepsake boxes.  Home Goods also has a variety of glass keepsake boxes, in different sizes that you can choose from.  As the celebration of "heart health month" winds down this month, let's continue to celebrate the "words" from those special people in our lives that do love us, "for  real" and because you know that, "for sure", always pray for them, over and over and over again.  Hang your keepsake box on the wall so you can always reflect back on the wonderful moments, memories and people in your life!  Make it a great day and blessings to you...always.
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