Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tips & Suggestions For Setting Up A Hot Beverage Bar {Coffee, Espresso & Tea}

Company's coming and the coffee is brewing!   It's always nice to have a separate area for your guests to fix a cup of coffee, tea, espresso or any other hot beverages you are serving when they visit. With the Keurig coffee machine, you can brew just about anything from coffee to cider! 

We have a Keurig and a Starbucks Espresso Machine.  When we want to make a hot cup of tea, we use our electric Capresso Hot Water Pot.  It's wonderful! The espresso machine is easy to use and makes the best cup of cafe espresso with foam!

When deciding on a space to set up your hot beverage bar, here's some tips and suggestions for making your beverage bar the best!

1.  Make sure it's out of the way of small children.  Especially since it's a hot beverage bar, you want to keep it up high, if children will be around.

2.  Hot beverage bars are great when complimented with extras that go well with hot drinks:

cinnamon sticks
whip cream
flavored non-alcoholic liqueurs
flavored creams
espresso packs (for extra caffeine shots!)
biscotti bars (for dipping!)
mini chocolate chips

3.  Here's an idea:  take an Irish coffee mug and using sugar and lemon juice, rim the mug for a pop of flavor!  This is great when serving espresso.

4.  Use an insulated container to serve your creams and to keep them cold.  Use an old fashioned soda shop sugar pourer!  Set your bar up with all of the essentials that make your hot drinks perfect and throw some color in there by adding a coffee theme table cloth or solid colors like orange, white and brown work well, to establish a cafĂ© beverage corner!

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