Monday, March 30, 2015

Tapping Into Your Talent {Entrepreneurship 101 Series}: Identifying Your Passion and Your Idea!

It's intense and an enthusiasm that you just can't shake.  An energy and zeal for something that never feels like work but that literally feels like an obsession.  This is passion.  You know when you love something deep down inside so much that no matter what, it always stays on your mind.  You do it well and with ease because it's that God-given talent that is innate and predestined, just for you.  When you have a passion for something, you can be very sure that once you have truly identified it, nothing will stop you from making a way to putting it to work!  
Identifying what our passion is can sometimes take awhile before we are exactly sure of what it is.  When you have many talents and you can do a lot of things well, then it can be difficult to know which one of those things is your true passion.  Sometimes it can be a combination of things that you enjoy doing that develop that one passion that is related to all of those things.  So, how will you know what your passion is? How can you identify your passion
Well, here's the best answer I can give you.  You will know what your passion is when you do it and it does not feel burdensome or tiring. You won't be upset if you have to exercise your passion over and over and over again because it won't feel like work!  You will enjoy doing it all the time and sometimes you will make yourself exercise your passion even when you don't have too.  Passion comes involuntarily, without notice.  Sometimes you will look up and say "ok, I'm doing this again" and you won't mind because you have a passion for that particular thing. 
It's one of the best feelings in the world when you finally know what your passion is!  Knowing what you have a passion for will allow you to identify your idea for becoming your own boss, an entrepreneur. You must know what you have a passion for before you can identify and develop an idea.  Let it happen naturally and when you know what your passion is, that is the time to take the next course of action.  In order to identify your idea, you have to connect with your thoughts and your mind.  Think about the concept and activities that you often wonder about that pertain to your passion and become aware with how often you think about these things.  This is the beginning of you developing your idea.
Knowing your passion and understanding your idea, will bring that passion to life and ultimately, this is the very first lesson on becoming a potential entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs work very hard when they start a business, so it is important that you have a passion for what you want to pursue at the beginning, because otherwise it will be hard to sustain going into business for yourself.  Your passion will preserve you because you will never feel like you are working, you will feel like you are following your dream.  You enjoy the work because you have a passion for it.  Ideas will begin to come to you as you expand on your thoughts.
Jot everything down.  Begin a journal of your ideas and mental thoughts as you realize them.  Soon those collective ideas will become one main idea that you can capitalize on.  Take your time, and it will all come together.  Let's start with your passion and your idea!  Work on that for the next week and let's see how far you get :-)!!
Next week, Monday, April 6, 2015 we will look at:
 "Determining your Audience and Selling your Idea."

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

DIY Craft: How To Make Mini Filled Mason Jar Favors!

Hi There!
Getting ready for parties can be very intense and if you are anything like me, I like to make everything for any parties we host!  Crazy right?  Well, not when you are a craft enthusiast...LOL!!  I crafted these small mason jars and filled each one with special gifts for my guests. You can do the same and they are so easy to make!  I wouldn't suggest filling the jars with any food items since this craft requires that you use paint.  I filled my jars with bracelets that I made with beads and alphabet blocks.  I spelled the names out of each one of my guests and made elastic bracelets, one size fits all!! They fit perfectly in each jar.  Another good idea is filling each jar with potpourri.  Now you have instantly created an air freshener.  When not in use, place the top back on the jar to preserve the potpourri.  You can also store jewelry in these jars too.  Just be sure to wash the inside out first to remove any chemicals from the paint.  These small crafts are wonderful gifts and great keepsakes.  Your guests will love them!  Here's how to make them.
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You will need one small can of paint, craft twine and lid stickers.  All of this can be purchased at Michaels Craft Store.

You will also need two tubes of craft paint and a sea foam sponge.

Spray paint each jar and after drying, sponge paint lightly with the first craft paint and let dry.  Next, sponge paint with the second craft paint and let dry.
Prepare your lids by placing a sticker on the top of each.

Add twine, add gifts and place lids on each jar.  Get ready for the party and have fun!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Helpful Hints on Caring For The Elderly: LoftTalk @ Contributor {PHYLLIS - March 2015}

Congratulations to Phyllis, for being the winner of the giveaway this month on LoftTalk as we kicked off our first month of social media sharing at  She is truly a faithful follower and supporter of and I "appreciate her."  Thanks Phyllis for getting the first month of LoftTalk started with some wonderful insight on caring for the elderly!!  Her story and hints that she shares about her passion for caring for the elderly is touching.   Read her story below.  It's really good information. 
"Phyllis, thank you for sharing your story and I hope you enjoy wearing your gift...a designer t-shirt!" 

 *This submission will ARCHIVE to Corner Loft101 Page in 30 days for future reviews 
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Most of us will arrive at a time in our lives when we will become responsible for an elderly family member.  My passion in life is helping Senior Citizens. Here's a few helpful hints:

1. Remember GOD is watching, listening and ready to guide you every step of the way. Pray and ask for HIS help.

2. See GOD's Glory in the life, HE has Blessed them with.

3. Listen and learn as they share their stories.

4. Remember, they are you in the future.  One day you too will need assistance.

Leviticus 19:32  NASB
     'You shall rise up before the grayheaded and honor the aged, and you shall revere your God; I am the LORD

Love, Live and Laugh

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

10 Cheery & Delightful Ideas For Ushering In Spring!

With Spring  only 2 days away, I thought I would share 10 Cheery ideas to get you ready for this awesome & wonderful weather we are about to have! 
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 1.        Enjoy a Virgin Strawberry Basil Mojito.
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 2.        Choose a New Favorite Color for Spring.
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 3.        Create a Vision Board.
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 4.         Pray & Fast for 5 Days.
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 5.        Drink Water & Add Veggies to your diet.
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 6.        Plan a Local Day Trip.             
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 7.       Visit an Antique or Consignment Shop.
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 8.       Buy yourself some Flowers.
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 9.       Change your Hairstyle.
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10.      Eat a Bowl of Cherries.
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Spring Clean Week: 4 "Real Life" Steps and A Realistic Plan To Getting Started With Spring Cleaning!

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The days are getting warmer and everyone's beginning to ride their bikes and walk or jog around the neighborhood.  For me, that's a sure thing that Spring is in the air!  It goes without saying that Spring cleaning, is indeed a ritual, especially when the seasons begin to change over from bitter cold to pleasantly cool.  It's a great time for us to begin refreshing our homes and getting things back in order.

I've got a real plan to help with getting started with your Spring Cleaning!  Each step will allow you to clean your home in a few days, without being exhausted but rather excited, about the warm weather that is coming our way.  Remember, I am a logistician by trade and I believe in planning before you begin any large project and Spring Cleaning can be a very large task, if you don't plan for it, realistically.

Courtesy Image:  Internet Clip Art

1. Make An Itemized List  - Take some time and jot down where you want to start first.  You can lay a plan out  and itemize it by each room and break it down from top to bottom of how you want to accomplish what you plan to do.  Here's an example:
Counters           Buffet Cabinet
Cabinets            Dining Table
Appliances        Chandelier
Floors                Area Rug 
Pantry               Picture & Mirrors

2. Divide Your List Up...By Days Of The Week  After you have itemized what needs to be cleaned in each room, now you need to divide the rooms into days of the week, that you plan to clean each one.  Let's face it, we are busy people and we have many things to do throughout our day, so being realistic, there is no need to exhaust yourself with cleaning your entire home, in one day.  Depending on your schedule, let's start with a small room on one day and a medium to large room on another day.  You may need to have two days to clean one room and that's ok because this is your schedule and you can divide it around as much and however you want to. 

Here's the part that is not negotiable:  you must plan to start cleaning at least one a room a day.  Otherwise, you are not committing to the task and you will never get done.  Be committed and you will get every room done, in a reasonable amount of days.  You must stick with your plan.  Plan out your days until each room has a designated day to be cleaned.  By doing this, you will know when you will be totally done, with cleaning each room in your house.  If you don't assign a day for each room to be cleaned, trust me, you will never finish!   Here's an example:

Monday (Scenario: "I have to work all day and the kids have activities that I need to help them with this evening.")
-Solution:  Clean A Small Room (perhaps your powder room would be best to clean on a day as hectic as this.)

Tuesday (Scenario:  "I am working from home today and have no where to go this evening.")
-Solution:  Clean A Medium to Large Room (Try to start cleaning this room in between breaks you have with your at-home office work.  Eat lunch in and clean a little during your lunch hour. If you are totally busy all day and non-stop with at-home office work, then you will have to begin your cleaning later and that's ok because you have no where to go after your at-home office hours have ended, so start then and if you don't finish, continue the following day before moving on to the next room.)

3.  Prepare Your Products - Ok, we have our list done, we know when we are going to begin and we basically know when we will!  Now, check to see if you have all of the cleaning products you need to clean each room.  Jot down on a sheet of paper what you  need and make the purchases before you start cleaning any of the rooms.  You want to have everything you need before you get going.  *If you decide to make your own cleansers, remember to label the bottles.  Salvage old towels and cut them into squares to use for cleaning.  Don't forget to wear plastic gloves also to keep chemicals away form your skin.
*Remember, you can make some of your natural cleansers from prior post(s) I've provided on making natural cleansers!

4.  Get Started -  It's time to start!  You have a plan and you are well organized.  You will have your house spic and span, smelling clean as a whistle, in no time.  You won't be tired because you are Spring Cleaning for "real life!" 

"Now get outdoors & enjoy Spring!  You deserve it"......;-)!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DIY 101: Creative Crafting With Canvas...Too Easy!

Hi There!

Here's a quick craft you can make in less than 1 hour and it's really a nice way to personalize a wall in your office or bedroom!  It's very easy to make and you can get as creative as you want.  I decided to make a canvas print with my name.  Shop at Michaels Craft Store for any items that you would like to have for making your canvas print, fun, unique and homemade.  Get the kids involved and make it a family time, being creative! Check out the photos below on how I created my canvas print.  Have fun and don't forget to let it dry thoroughly ;-), before hanging it up!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Entrepreneurship 101 Series @ From Blogger To Business...Tapping Into Your Talent!

Did I ever tell you that I use to design, craft and sell, custom theme gift arrangements?  Yes, I was an entrepreneur for about 9 years and sold my own crafts, gourmet rubs & seasonings, soy candles & body scrubs and custom theme gift arrangements!  I loved what I did and because I had such a passion for it, I did well with selling my products.  There was just one very big problem, I didn't have a realistic plan in place. I was so focused on pushing my products out that I never stopped to see down the road, how my business would sustain throughout the years. Eventually, I dissolved it. 
Tapping into your talent can be easy when its a God-given gift but you still need to have a realistic plan, if you want that business to grow and last.  I am beginning to put things in place to eventually move from blogging to business and as I take my ideas and visually arrange them in an order that will connect both my blogging and my talent, I will need to educate myself on how to do it, the right way this time.
So, with the decision to start my entrepreneurship journey once again, I will be researching ways to be successful this time, as an entrepreneur.  I'm starting with a plan first.  I have an idea, I know what I want to market and I've done it before, so now I need to see how I can put this plan in place.  Take a peek at my custom gift creations/arrangements below and keep following because as I research, I will be sharing what it takes to go to the next level, from "blogger to business"... 
*This Entrepreneurship 101 Series will begin on March 30th.  Learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur and the vital elements needed, to be successful.  Save the date and get ready to "invest yourself in you", as we introduce ourselves to something new...again, at!
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