Thursday, March 12, 2015

Are you in?...4 Ways To Host An Epic "Girls Night In"...After Taking Inventory!

Courtesy Photo Movie Clip (Bing):  Waiting To Exhale

Courtesy Movie DVD Cover Photo (Bing):  Bridesmaids

OMG!   When I think of  a "girls night in", I can't help but take it back to two of my all time favorite movies, "Bridesmaids" and "Waiting To Exhale".  Although each of these women came from different backgrounds, the one thing they all had in common was that they had each other's back.  Many of them had differences with each other, at times, but no matter what the circumstances were, at the end of the day, they were always there for each other.

Yes, I want to share ideas on how you can host an epic "night in" with your "home girls" but more importantly, know who's got your back first, before you invite them in! Take inventory of your life, every now and then and weed out individuals that don't have your best interest and get closer with the ones that do!

Hosting a "night in" with the girls can be fun and here's a few ideas for making your "are you in?" night with the girls...EPIC!

 1.  Pamper Me Night - Make goodie bags up with a foot scrub, pumice stone, small lotion, small towel, emory board, nail polish, polish remover,  pedi sponge toe dividers and flip flops.  This is the ultimate "pamper me" goodie bag for your girls.  Next, set up individual chairs for everyone and place plastic bins (dollar store) at the footing space of each chair.   Add warm water occasionally, to each bin to start pedis and repeat to rinse, when done.  Enjoy sharing time together while everyone pampers their feet!  This is fun and perfect for a "night in" that feels like you all went out to get pedis!

2.  Vision Board Party - This is one of the newer social gatherings being planned for hanging out with the ladies!  Vision Boards are tools that clarify your desires and life goals.  It visually maps out your journey for where you see yourself in the near future.   Have your friends bring magazines, photos or quotes that they like and as the host, you can provide everything else needed to build their vision boards. Don't forget some food and refreshing drinks! This "night in" is time well spent, life changing and a night that everyone will remember, for a very long time.

3.  Game & Grub Night - Break out the Scrabble, Taboo and Scattegories!  Game on....with girls "night in"! Enjoy challenging each other in playing board games or charade games to get everyone involved.  As for the grub, have everyone bring a dish, appetizer or dessert.  A "night in" playing games and eating some good food, always makes for a fun time to hang out with your girlfriends!

4.  Line Dance Dinner Party - Ok...time to get the disco ball!!  Plan a dinner party for your girlfriends because after all of you line dance the night away, you are going to want to eat a good meal!  Turn You Tube on, find  some "how-to" line dances and have fun trying to learn them. This is fun and funny ;-), as you watch everyone try their best to keep up with each other while learning the steps. A "night in" that makes you feel like you are out on the town!
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