Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cleaning Tip & No-Brainer: How To Keep Glass Shower Doors Spotless...All The Time! {5 Simple Steps)

Don't you love how your shower looks and smells after you give it a thorough cleaning?  Well, it won't be long until those glass doors are full of film from numerous showers and residue that has built up from shampoos, soaps and body washes!  I've got a tip on how to keep your glass shower doors spotless, from one shower to the next.  Ever since I discovered how much time and labor this saves me with cleaning my bathroom, I don't even think about, not doing it! 

Here's what I do....check out the 5 simple steps on how I keep my shower doors clean, all the time!  Try it.  It works and the nice part about this idea is that you don't have to sacrifice elegance!
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STEP 1:  Purchase a shower tension rod.  Choose a color that matches the hardware in your bathroom.  We have chrome in our bathroom, so I chose a chrome rod.  Hang it above the shower doors.  Follow directions for hanging your tension rod.

STEP 2:  With shower hooks, attach both your shower curtain and a shower liner to the hooks.   You should now have both the shower curtain and the shower liner hanging together on the outside of the shower doors.  

STEP 3:  Now lift your shower curtain and gently pull your shower liner through the top so that the shower liner is on the inside of the shower doors and the shower curtain remains on the outside of the shower doors.  Be gentle when doing this so that you do not pull your tension rod down.

STEP 4:  This is what it should look like once you have separated the shower curtain and the shower liner from each other.  Now, the inside of your glass shower doors are protected from residue that build up from shampoos, soaps and body scrubs. 

STEP 5:  The shower liner is now on the inside and the shower curtain is on the outside.  When the shower liner gets dirty, you can change it very easily for about $5.00!  This is worth the cleaning time you would spend cleaning the glass.