Monday, March 16, 2015

Entrepreneurship 101 Series @ From Blogger To Business...Tapping Into Your Talent!

Did I ever tell you that I use to design, craft and sell, custom theme gift arrangements?  Yes, I was an entrepreneur for about 9 years and sold my own crafts, gourmet rubs & seasonings, soy candles & body scrubs and custom theme gift arrangements!  I loved what I did and because I had such a passion for it, I did well with selling my products.  There was just one very big problem, I didn't have a realistic plan in place. I was so focused on pushing my products out that I never stopped to see down the road, how my business would sustain throughout the years. Eventually, I dissolved it. 
Tapping into your talent can be easy when its a God-given gift but you still need to have a realistic plan, if you want that business to grow and last.  I am beginning to put things in place to eventually move from blogging to business and as I take my ideas and visually arrange them in an order that will connect both my blogging and my talent, I will need to educate myself on how to do it, the right way this time.
So, with the decision to start my entrepreneurship journey once again, I will be researching ways to be successful this time, as an entrepreneur.  I'm starting with a plan first.  I have an idea, I know what I want to market and I've done it before, so now I need to see how I can put this plan in place.  Take a peek at my custom gift creations/arrangements below and keep following because as I research, I will be sharing what it takes to go to the next level, from "blogger to business"... 
*This Entrepreneurship 101 Series will begin on March 30th.  Learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur and the vital elements needed, to be successful.  Save the date and get ready to "invest yourself in you", as we introduce ourselves to something new...again, at!
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