Monday, March 30, 2015

Tapping Into Your Talent {Entrepreneurship 101 Series}: Identifying Your Passion and Your Idea!

It's intense and an enthusiasm that you just can't shake.  An energy and zeal for something that never feels like work but that literally feels like an obsession.  This is passion.  You know when you love something deep down inside so much that no matter what, it always stays on your mind.  You do it well and with ease because it's that God-given talent that is innate and predestined, just for you.  When you have a passion for something, you can be very sure that once you have truly identified it, nothing will stop you from making a way to putting it to work!  
Identifying what our passion is can sometimes take awhile before we are exactly sure of what it is.  When you have many talents and you can do a lot of things well, then it can be difficult to know which one of those things is your true passion.  Sometimes it can be a combination of things that you enjoy doing that develop that one passion that is related to all of those things.  So, how will you know what your passion is? How can you identify your passion
Well, here's the best answer I can give you.  You will know what your passion is when you do it and it does not feel burdensome or tiring. You won't be upset if you have to exercise your passion over and over and over again because it won't feel like work!  You will enjoy doing it all the time and sometimes you will make yourself exercise your passion even when you don't have too.  Passion comes involuntarily, without notice.  Sometimes you will look up and say "ok, I'm doing this again" and you won't mind because you have a passion for that particular thing. 
It's one of the best feelings in the world when you finally know what your passion is!  Knowing what you have a passion for will allow you to identify your idea for becoming your own boss, an entrepreneur. You must know what you have a passion for before you can identify and develop an idea.  Let it happen naturally and when you know what your passion is, that is the time to take the next course of action.  In order to identify your idea, you have to connect with your thoughts and your mind.  Think about the concept and activities that you often wonder about that pertain to your passion and become aware with how often you think about these things.  This is the beginning of you developing your idea.
Knowing your passion and understanding your idea, will bring that passion to life and ultimately, this is the very first lesson on becoming a potential entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs work very hard when they start a business, so it is important that you have a passion for what you want to pursue at the beginning, because otherwise it will be hard to sustain going into business for yourself.  Your passion will preserve you because you will never feel like you are working, you will feel like you are following your dream.  You enjoy the work because you have a passion for it.  Ideas will begin to come to you as you expand on your thoughts.
Jot everything down.  Begin a journal of your ideas and mental thoughts as you realize them.  Soon those collective ideas will become one main idea that you can capitalize on.  Take your time, and it will all come together.  Let's start with your passion and your idea!  Work on that for the next week and let's see how far you get :-)!!
Next week, Monday, April 6, 2015 we will look at:
 "Determining your Audience and Selling your Idea."

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