Monday, March 2, 2015

LoftTalk...Home Decor & More...Social Media Sharing @ Is Now Open!

Your Question:  Why should I follow one of the newest blog writers that takes the leaps but walks by faith?
My Answer:  I believe in chasing my dreams but my faith is what sustains me! We can get there together.
God's Promise :
Matthew 18:20
"For where two or three have gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

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Let's participate, talk & exchange ideas in a fun way via social media sharing, right here, on!  It's free and it allows you an opportunity to put something on paper that others can benefit from.  Put it on paper, send it to me as soon as you can at and I'll post it with the ideas from others that contribute this month.  This is networking, in an authentic way..."real blog talk" with "real people", like YOU!
OMG! I am so excited to share and exchange information with everyone on this first attempt to introduce you to LoftTalk {social media networking & sharing @}  So, this is the request page for March and it closes on March 24th.
Have you ever wanted to share something that you are passioniate about or an idea that is really good and you want people to know about it?   How about an awesome recipe with low fat benefits or gluten free!  Well, now you can! You don't have to wait anymore because I'm opening a page on my blog site for social media sharing for the next 10 months and I really hope you will share.  Just so you know, if I get no contributors from month to month, I'll let you know because I'm real like that....stop!!! I'm taking a leap of faith and I'll either sink or swim but I love to swim, so I'm thinking!! 

Search LoftTalk on my home page if you want details about how this initiative will work each month. 

Don't be like me and just start talking and typing and before you know it, you are telling your story or sharing an idea, then send it in to to participate and also to be entered into the designer t-shirt giveaway for this month!

I'm believing for amazing things with LoftTalk and excited to see how things will go! 
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