Monday, March 16, 2015

How To Build A Vision Board...Life Changing DIFY {Do It For Yourself} Project

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Ok, I'm about to do it again! I'm introducing you to something new, popular, up & coming, powerful, purposeful, promising and a life changing experience that's a "Do It For Yourself {DIFY}"...Welcome to Vision Boards!
Next month, I'll be posting some vision board creations from myself and some friends of mine.  Along with ours, I would love for you to participate and send a photo in of your vision board, so I can display it on, also.

Hope you will accept "my invite" to participate! 

How To Participate:  Cast your vision and join in on the fun!  Your vision board is all about you and where you are going.   I'm hoping all of my subscribers will join in for this online, DIFY Project.  It's happening in April 2015, online at  Spend the first two weeks completing your project, send a photo of your board to by April 15, 2015 and it will be posted with mine and others, right here on  It's a DIFY project that I want all of us to share in because I believe that sharing in this way, is life changing for all of us.  I want to share a variety of vision boards on my site, to inspire all of my viewers, followers and subscribers, that our dreams can still come true.  We just need to put a good plan in place and a vision board is a great place to start.

What To Do:  Simply purchase a poster board,  gather up 6 to 7 of your favorite magazines, a glue stick and a pair of scissors. Lay everything out on the table and get busy building your vision board!  Cut out pictures, quotes or favorite sayings that will visually display your dreams and life goals. Glue them to your poster board.

Display Your Vision Board:  Hang your vision board on a wall where you will see it everyday!  Seeing is believing and a vision board is the start to making your dreams come true.  The idea is that if you can look at your goals and dreams visually, then the likelihood of them coming true, is very promising!

*Don't forget to also submit your LoftTalk ideas by March 24, 2015 ;-)!  I'll be posting these submissions for this initiative by the end of the month for all of you to read...thanks & keep following!

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