Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Thought For Today {A Mother's Day Gift Idea}: Looking Back, Remembering When & Making Your Heart Smile...Again!

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As I begin to think how I want to celebrate Mother's Day this year with my Mom, I began to reflect on the past.  I remember how my parents would wake up on an early Saturday morning, so happy that it was the weekend and the first thing my Dad would do is put an album on the turntable and that was our indication that the weekend was here!  I grew up on some old pastimes that are still very present in my life today. 

I can't forget LP's (albums), 45's (smaller version of albums), roller skating on 4 wheels with a stopper, setting up my lemonade stand, helping Dad with our weekly garage sales so we could keep the garage clean from catch-all stuff, house parties, barbecues, penny candy, flea markets, school shopping, Easter outfits and the only hair dryer I knew, was the sunlight.  Oh, my Mom would sit me outside in the sun for my hair to dry, on the patio that my Dad and Grandpa built, brick by brick.  I can smell the barbecue chicken on the grill that my Dad built from concrete bricks.  The past is so present when I begin to reflect.

I've lived over half my life already and it's been a wonderful ride!  As I look to the third quarter, I will continue to "preserve my past", "enjoy my present" and "build on my future", knowing that I'll always have the memories to cling to.  I long to have the "old days" back again, especially when I think about my Dad but I realize that with life, there is death and knowing that fact, I celebrate the old times by closing my eyes and remembering when

Here's A Unique Gift Giving Idea.....
The turntable in this picture is one of the gifts that I plan to give my Mom for Mother's Day.  I'm doing something different this year for my Mom and perhaps you may like this idea too. On Mother's Day this year, I am planning to give my Mom three gifts: 

1.  a gift to celebrate the past
2.  a gift to enjoy the present
3.  a gift to look forward to the future 

The turntable pictured is a gift for her, to celebrate the past.  She will be surprised and I know she will enjoy listening to some of the old albums that she and my Dad had, from back in the day.  I have not decided on gifts that I will give her for the present or future yet.  Looking back can sometimes be sad but if you can find joy in remembering when, it really will make your heart smile...again ;-)!  

**LoftTalk for April 2015 ended yesterday.  So, I will advertise that contributor submission before the end of this month.  Thanks!

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