Friday, April 10, 2015

Bed & Breakfast Idea: Creating A Breathtaking Bed & Breakfast At Home With Your Honey!

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What's better than a bed and breakfast getaway?  Well, the only thing that comes close to it is a "bed and breakfast at home!"  Oh how sweet it is to cozy up in your own bed, buried deep underneath the sheets and comforter, plush pillows cradling your head and a breakfast that is perfect for the moment! might be saying it's better when you can be served breakfast in bed at a cozy cottage at Martha Vinyard or Myrtle Beach but many times when you stay at a bed and breakfast spot like those, you will pay an arm, leg and foot for both your meal and the personal service.  Forget the gratuity you pay on top of the lodging cost!  You can do the same thing at your own house.  Check this idea out for making your "bed and breakfast at home" worthwhile and so worth it!!

1.  First thing you want to do is plan & prep!  
Plan what you want to eat and prep the night before..oh yea, this may sound staged and you are wondering how can it feel the same. Trust me, it will be lovely..why..because it's different to do and both you and your spouse or significant other get to "serve" each other and that puts a whole different spin on being served in bed.....woo woo!!!  Are you following me? It’s all about connecting ;-)!

2.  Now, you won't want to prep everything the night before because you want your food to be hot and fresh from the stovetop, so do what you can the night before and in the morning, meet in the kitchen and get busy burning!  It's fun doing this together.  Prepare each other's meals for an element of surprise! Make "your best" breakfast for "the best", your honey...LOL!!

3.  Time to serve! Make your way to the bedroom.  Serve your breakfast meals to each other and express your thanks to one another for this special time you are sharing together.  Savor the moment as you take each bite.  Snuggle up and enjoy a breathtaking bed and breakfast at home with your boo!  Here's some bedding and breakfast ideas also that may help with creating this breathtaking moment ♡♡!
Have fun.....

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