Sunday, April 19, 2015

Entrepreneurship 101 Series : Tapping Into Your Talent {Identifying Your Audience & Selling Your Idea}

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Well, now that you have had the time to identify your passion, you will need to test run your ideas and get a good gauge of who might want to invest in you or purchase what you are selling.  It's been two weeks since I've posted on this subject.  I was OBE (overcome by events) and LIFE! Finally, I have some free time to begin blogging again and the first thing I wanted to talk about was the Entrepreneurship 101 Series that I began some weeks ago.

Identifying your audience is hard to do without testing out what you are selling to others via of consignment, trade show, online sales, vendor showing or word of mouth.  You have to determine what is the best way to get your ideas or products in front of people!  It doesn't matter in what capacity, you just need to get started.  Begin by browsing through free local community circulars in the grocery stores or the daily township newspaper to see what counties are offering vendors to purchase a space or table to sell their  products.  You can also search online for a broader availability of vendor shows that might be scheduled outside your local radius but close enough for you to drive to in a reasonable amount of time.  It's going to simply take you putting yourself out there and marketing your idea and products to others.  It's not easy but anything worth having is not easy to achieve either, so there you go!  

Eventually, you will begin to network with other vendors that are doing the same thing as you and you will also notice that some of the same vendors are attending the very same venues that you are. Become a recurring vendor at the places you like the most and soon after, people will know where to find you to purchase what you are selling.  Doing vendor shows as a new entrepreneur is very wise.  You save the cost of overhead of owing your own shop right away and more importantly, you build a clientele following first, before going into full blown business for yourself.  Most often, if people like your products they will keep following you as you move around.  

Make sure you are able to explain what you are selling.  Believe in you, believe and know your product and you could possibly make enough money over time, to get your own shop! 
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