Monday, April 6, 2015

LoftTalk Submissions Are Now Open For April 2015!! Social Media Sharing @ LOFT101.NET

Hi There ;-)!

How are you?  I miss you all!  It's been exactly 1 week since my last post.  I've missed my regular blog talk with you ;-(  No worries, I'll be back to blogging more on entertaining tips for 6 and some other cool ideas, starting next week!  "So, let's talk" since it's the start of a new LoftTalk month...LOL!! I've been super busy with some new things that I am introducing myself to and putting ideas in place, for a new journey I'm on.  I prayed that I could be used and opportunities unseen, have been coming my way!  

Anything new out there with you all?  Send me some comments.  I want to hear from you because I know there are some good things happening with folks that I just don't know about.  I'm thankful for a new vision and I'll share my story with you this month, actually as a LoftTalk submission!! 

Anyway, I'm so excited as we move into the second month of LoftTalk, social media sharing on  Last month, I was happy to share a wonderful story and tips on "caring for the elderly" submitted by Phyllis (this story can now be found on the Corner LOFT101 page of, for viewing)!  She was also the very first follower to receive the designer t-shirt!  I want to give another one away ;-).  Surely, you have something to share.  A tip, recipe, idea or DIY will do...LOL!  LoftTalk for April is officially open, starting today until Monday, April 27th. Your submission will post a few days later by the end of April for social media sharing on

To learn more about LoftTalk,  go to the home page and search: LoftTalk @ What is it?.....Tell Me More! {Details}  Share today and I'll reach out to you personally via email with "a big thanks" and because I'm confident that I will hear from you,  let me "thank you in advance!!" 

*I want to ensure that everyone knows LoftTalk is open for April 2015, so the "Entrepreneurship 101 Series:  Tapping Into Your Talent" will continue on Thursday, April 9, 2015 with the a post on Determining Your Audience and Selling your Idea
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