Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Outdoor Decorating: 4 Tips & Ideas For Creating the Ultimate Deck Appeal & Backyard Outdoor Getaway!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!
What a perfect day to begin thinking about decorating outdoors!  Now that spring has sprung and summer is on its way, I'm beginning to think about planting some flowers, barbecuing and letting the sun shine in ;-)!  My spirits are high as I begin to transform my thoughts and ideas from cold to hot!  Thinking of the pleasures that the summer weather brings, really makes me happy.
I've got some ideas I want to share with you as we all prepare for this next season of sun and summer.  The deck has been sprayed down and cleaned and the outside furniture has been set the fun begins!  Time to create that paradise and private getaway you call your deck or backyard.  It's all about the landscape, colors, space and aura you create that sets the stage for comfort and nature's noise, right outside your door! 

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1.  Color - Add and use bright colors to decorate your outdoor area. I love yellow for the summer and I often pair it with pink or red.  A yellow plant pot with red geraniums is so pretty together.  Another idea you could use to play it safe would be to carry the same color that you use inside your home right to the outside of your home.  That way, all the colors flow.  You can introduce the same paint color palette by using flower pots, pillows and citronella candles.  Using bright colors really introduces summer and creates great appeal.  If you are not one that likes vibrant colors, then try to go a shade brighter than what you normally like.  That should be bright enough for you and less dramatic.

2.  Water - Now that our colors have been added, think about purchasing a water fountain for your backyard or deck.  OMG, these are great!  They not only look good, but they do wonders for those R&R moments that are necessary.  You don't need a huge one unless you have the yard space for one.  Many times, you can find water fountains in Home Depot or Lowes that are electrical and can do the job that needs to be done! The designs are nice, so they will look good with your décor, as well.  Another option is  They also provide garden essentials like water fountains.

3.  Privacy - Are you beginning to get the picture now of your paradise ambience!!  The colors are working and the water is flowing.  Now for some privacy.  In my opinion, the best and cheapest way to create privacy in a yard or on a deck would be to use tri-fold screens, planters, bushes, hanging pots or tiered vines.  These days, many houses are built very closely together and sometimes privacy is almost out of the question.  Trailing vines like ivy are great to use or hanging pots work well too.  Another great privacy tip is using a tri-fold screen.  They add privacy that is not permanent and can be moved around as much as you like.  Try making your own my using some bamboo shades and thin plywood.  Be open to learn while creating this DIY project, that is very simple to do.  A few nails, some bamboo window shades, a few double hinges w/screws, plywood and  a "think-out-the-box" mindset, is all it takes to create this DIY that provides ultimate privacy and great appeal.

4.  Lighting - Last but not least!  As the sun goes down, your lighting will set everything off.  You want your lighting not only be soothing but at the same time, be the best.  I still believe in the old faithful "bug light!"  I just have to have one of these hanging in our yard.  Yes, the noise is annoying as it snaps at each little critter, but that's less mosquito bites you will have to deal with.  It's been studied that standard LED lights attract bugs because of the blue light rays they give off.  So, you may want to stay away from LED in this case, for the outdoors.  However, yellow bulbs are said to work well.  Now, for decorating, Lowes or Home Depot sells individual decorative post lights that you can purchase for your deck posts.  They come in various styles and are really nice for décor purposes.  Another idea, are string lights.  You can purchase these from Target,, Home Depot or Lowes.  You can be creative with string lights.  You can decorate your deck posts all the way around or add two artificial topiary trees to the corners of your deck and decorate the trees.  This looks beautiful at night!  Lastly, many stores sell patio umbrellas with string lights attached to them.  This amount of lighting provides direct light to an area and is just enough for entertaining outdoors.