Thursday, April 23, 2015

Travel & Vacation Tips {My Top Picks}...4 Spots To Spend, Spoil & Splurge!

Take me away,
to a quiet place,
where I can dump my daily routine.
I need a surge. 
I want to splurge.
Only for a little while. 
I've earned a break,
so glad to take,
some deserving time for me.
Vacation Ideas... 
Oh yea ;-)!
Time to calm this urge.
Come with me,
and check this out...
4 Spots to Spend, Spoil & Splurge!
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Hi There ;-)!
So, my last post shared how you could create a paradise getaway in your backyard but by no means did that rule out you taking a vacation ;-).  It's nice to know that our homes are our sacred place that we can find peace and relaxation, whenever we want.  Well, that's what your home should be and if it's not, then you need to begin a transformation that will provide that calmness that you can call your own!
I'm sharing ideas and tips on 4 vacation spots that I know for sure, will deliver rest, relaxation and fun!  I vacationed at each one of these spots with my hubby and my favorite is Miami Beach, Florida!  I've mentioned my love for Miami on prior posts and that has not changed.  We have taken on that vacation spot as our favorite to visit, at least once a year!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love Jamaica like crazy and New Orleans and Las Vegas, well, there is just no where like them!  Here's my favorite experiences from each and some photos too (courtesy of online images:  BING site).  Take a vacation and enjoy being away from deserve it!!

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1.  Miami Beach - My favorite!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I love to go to Miami.  Fell in love with this vacation spot about 4 years ago and we have not stop visiting ever since then!  The beaches are crazy beautiful.  The fine sand is like fresh powder on your feet and the sun is on and popping in Miami like no where else!  We love the water and we love hanging out at the beach, so maybe this is why we enjoy going back to visit each year.  Do you love seafood?  Oh yea, another favorite for me and my hubby too.  Miami has seafood spots all over and the sights are unlike any other.  You see a little bit of everything in Miami!  It's such a fun place and a freestyle place for all people. Stay up all night long and enjoy!

2.  Jamaica -The food  and music are my favorites!  They have buffet spreads that are ridiculous!  From fresh salmon to papaya and mango ice cream!  They serve it all, all day long.  The music is like sweetness to your ears, as you eat.  Caribbean sounds that are authentic and original beats.  You just feel like you are on an island when you hear "real" Caribbean music...LOL!  Book an all inclusive Sandals Jamaica trip (the best)!

3.  New Orleans - The beignets are so good and fresh.  Fluffy, hot and loaded with powder sugar, OMG, STOP this goodness!!  A hot cup of coffee with a beignet is like a "pastry party in your mouth!!"  For real...they are that good. If you visit New Orleans, please do not leave without having a beignet, for you and for me...LOL!!!

4.  Las Vegas - Absolutely awesome!  You can literally stay up all night long and there is still so much more to see the remaining days you are there! Cirque du Soleil shows, famous celebrity restaurants, famous hotels, casinos, the very best that shopping has to offer and five class service is Las Vegas! There are celebrities walking around too!  Walk the Las Vegas strip, sightsee, enjoy the lights at night and soak up all that you can because there is so much to see and you will want to "try" and see it all!