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Free Subscription & Growing Synergy Via Social Media Sharing: LoftTalk @ Is Going Places Not Fast, Not Alone, But Together!

Ok, my idea for LoftTalk @ literally began 3 months ago (March 2015) and since it was first introduced, I've had the pleasure of sharing two submissions so far:  

-March 2015 - Helpful Hints On Caring For The Elderly (By Phyllis)

-April 2015 - Mediterranean Chicken & Pesto Recipe 
(By Daryn) 

Both of these submissions can now be found on my Corner Loft 101 page at or you can search the titles on the Home Page.  Please visit to read these submissions, if you have not already.  They are great contributions!
A few weeks ago, I posted a plea for my viewers, followers and subscribers to share a story, recipe, tips, basics or whatever they felt they could share on LoftTalk social media, that would be beneficial to others.  I prayed for "increase" that the LoftTalk participation would begin to grow a little, asking folks to break that chain of second guessing yourself, think out-the-box and dare yourself to "try something new".  I prayed and asked God to use me more, to introduce this social media platform I am launching on my blog site, to allow others to voice their ideas, stories, tips and anything they felt would be helpful and beneficial to others. 
Well, I'm so happy to share 2 wonderful submissions I received for LoftTalk May 2015 from two beautiful woman that reached out to me and wanted to share their voice!  "Thank you for your support ladies!"  Dolmecia and Bell are subscribers of and their stories are interesting, unique, fun and helpful!  I enjoyed reading them and excited to share them with you!  Both of their submissions are so detailed and thorough that I will need to post them separately, for you to truly enjoy the fullness of what they have to share! 
Congratulations to both Bell and Dolmecia for being the May 2015 LoftTalk winners of a designer t-shirt!!  "Enjoy sporting your t-shirt this summer ladies and thanks again, for sharing" in LoftTalk @ 
Their submissions will post on Tuesday 6/2/15....
 Hosting a Cooking Class and Taste Gathering:  LoftTalk Contributor Submission {May 2015} By Dolmecia
Advice On Housecleaning & Sharing Chores with Your Significant Other {SO}:  LoftTalk Contributor Submission {May 2015}
By Bell
Let's Keep The "Increase" Going and Let's Go "Together".....Hopefully you will be encouraged to participate in LoftTalk @ in June 2015
Subscribe NOW to for FREE and be part of a social media platform that is new and growing.
I am excited for the future of LoftTalk @!!! 
LoftTalk Submissions for June 2015:
Opens on June 9, 2015 thru June 26, 2015.  I'll be looking for your submission...LOL!!
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7 Money Saving Tips For Your Next HOME Project {Decorating Rule: Less Flashy, More Classy}

Have you ever went shopping for a home project you started and couldn't decide what you wanted, what colors you liked and simply had no idea of how you wanted to begin or how the outcome of this project would end?  Well, I've got a simple rule and some great ideas for you to keep in mind, that will give you a fantastic start on your new venture. 

Here's my motto, I always follow (wow, that!
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If you can stick with this motto, throughout your project process, you will surely end up with a smart, beautiful and classy outcome! Here's the thing, when you keep things classy and less flashy, you can't go wrong.  It allows for balance when deciding on what you want your theme to be and when choosing your colors.  Let's get started with 7 of my decorating tips to save you some $$$!


Classy, I mean in good taste.  Bargain shop with a 5 star style mentality, in mind....LOL!  Check out the "brand names for less stores", where you can designer shop on a budget.  These stores are the best for getting the biggest bang for your buck on designer styles!  Some of these stores would be Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and
Clean, I mean soft and crisp!  Choose a palette of colors that work well, in all seasons.  White is always my first choice for a clean decorating look.  Use it as the primary color, along with other hues, for variety.  White has been and will always be the "go-to color" because it is cool, crisp, clean and classic!
Smart, I want you to think about functionality.  Everyone is looking for convenience these days and easier ways to do things.  When you think smart, think about décor that is relaxing, user friendly and multifunctional.  For example, when shopping for furniture, look for a sectional that also has reclining seats.  Leather is great because you can wipe it off.  Perhaps you may even opt for a sectional that has a small table in between the seating to hold your drinking glass and remote controls.  This is a space saver and also eliminates you having to purchase a separate coffee table or end tables.You don't want furniture or items in your home that you have to worry about folks sitting on or every time someone touches it, the dirt will show up.  Keep it smart!
Simple, I mean basic when I say this.  Don't go for the bling bling, sparkle sparkle because after awhile, this will become boring to you.  If you can keep the overall theme of your project classy and clean, then that will allow room for you to throw in accessories that can capture that bling and sparkle.  You tracking  (smile)?

Perfect Pop, accessorizing is great for introducing the "pop effect" because you can change out accessories much easier than you can change the entire theme of your project.  Keep that in mind when you are shopping for the "perfect pop"!  Introduce colors, sparkle, bling, glitter, patterns or more with accessories.  Uses props such as vases, candles, flowers, etc. for that perfect pop too!
Shabby Shopping Chicy Style, means mixing the costly purchases with the bargain purchases.  You can find some really good buys at your local flea market or garage sales.  Another idea, are home auctions.  I attend home auctions at least twice a year.  When builders have sold all of the new homes in a particular development, they usually auction off all of the items in the models they have been showing for the last few years.  OMG!  The buys you get at a home auction are unbelievable.  I picked up two large scalloped wooden wall plaques that I plan to make into a screen divider.  I'll share this project on my blog when I start.  They are beautiful pieces of wood and I grabbed them up for $75.00 each!  Now that's shabby shopping with a chicy look! 
Barter Bash, do this by getting folks in your neighborhood together and tell them to set up tables outside their garages or in their yards with some of the better home items they like but don't love anymore and are willing to trade off with you and others in the neighborhood.  Barter back and forth.  Your neighbor may have something that they used in their home that they no longer want and you as well, barter off and everyone is happy with no cost to either of you! Another group that would be good to get together for bartering, are a few of your close friends.  Set up your basement with a few tables, add some snacks and cold drinks and everyone is happy, happy!!  You can walk around and see what your friends want to give up in exchange for something on your table, they may want.  This is so much fun and an ideal way to decorate on a string!!

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A Contributor's Inspiring Insight On Faith & Works: Faith Production By Daryn C. Ramsey

Our faith is tested so many times throughout our lives however, we must put our faith to work in order to see the marvelous results that only God can reveal.  I am happy to share a writers contribution that I believe will inspire and move you as much as it moved me, when I read it.  I am very proud to say that this contribution is from my husband, a man of God that walks by faith, in everything that he does. Enjoy and be blessed! 
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written by Daryn C. Ramsey
As mature Christians, we have lived a life that has exhibited the growth and development of faith that produces fruit. We have learned that if we trust and believe we will receive, as long as it is in God's will. Our Christian experiences, and ripeness in the faith, has articulated to us the kind of boldness that we can say to any mountain, "Mountain you are nothing but a technicality, a hindrance, an obstacle that God has empowered me by faith to move, to hurdle, to overcome". Our faith assures us the mountain shall be defeated. 

The fact that we have faith is evidenced by the work that we put in and the production that comes out. James 2:17 NIV, put’s it plainly, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.  It's the certainty that we have, when we are actively pursuing, producing, and achieving things we desire, that are in line with God's will for our lives, and the lives of others. As such, our faith is productive, bearing fruit that blesses us and manifest itself in the people that are closest to us. Faith + Works = Completeness. 

You see, our faith is functioning harmoniously with our works and is made complete by our actions (works).  As faith agents of God we inspire, we motivate, we witness by example the confidence that we have in Him. Having been tried and tested thus always knowing, He that has begun a good work in us, shall continue to perform it until the very end.  We have the VICTORY that is found in and through Christ Jesus our Lord!

Daryn C. Ramsey is a graduate of the University of Maryland University College and has an interest in writing on various topics that include inspirational, sports, recipes, and current events. He can be found on twitter @DRamSportCorner

My Thought For Today: Trust In God's Perfect Timing

Hi ;-)!!! 
OMG!  It's been another long week that I have not been able to connect with you.  I have missed blogging as I always do, when something takes me away from it.  I was going through a crisis in my family and I've been out of pocket with everything for the last week or so.  It was last Friday morning that my Mom was found on her bathroom floor, suffering from a stroke.  Not only is timing imperative when someone is having a stroke, God's perfect timing is miraculous!
God showed up, showed out and saved my mother's life.  For that, I am grateful.  I'm happy to report that she is doing well, speaking well, moving more, day by day and has a fighting spirit.  She is truly a walking miracle and now that she is recovering and in rehabilitation, I am able to blog again.
God is so AWESOME!!!  We can ask Him for a million things and never receive them but when you call on Him in a time of need, He will be right there to help you.  God being there in that time of trouble or need, is more than anything else you could hope for.  Sometimes, we don't realize how "on time" He really is, until we desperately need Him.  Trust him. 
If you live long enough and you love on God the way that He loves on you, your experience with Him will be one that is like no other.  He is just too AWESOME for words and I love Him!
Bless you...

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Brunch Time!! How To Plan, Entertain and Decorate A One-of-A-Kind Buffet Brunch: Creating an AWESOME Graduation Party Celebration From A to Z!

    Congratulations Graduates of 2015!  You've worked hard and you deserve to celebrate!  I have a few graduates (I love you!) in my family this year that will be graduating from high school and college.  I am so happy to celebrate this special time with them!  I'll be celebrating my 35th High School Class Reunion myself this year, so I too, have a reason to celebrate ;-)!
Well, I'm planning a brunch buffet, by request! I do a lot of things but I'm not a caterer...LOL!!  So, when I offered my help with a Graduation Party, close friends of ours asked if I could help with the decorating and come up with a menu for a graduation celebration they are hosting for their daughter! With so many other expenses, they emphasized that they are working within a budget they had set for the entertainment portion, so with that said, right away, I knew that having a buffet brunch was best and I had the perfect idea for the décor!
Their color theme for the party is yellow, teal, gold and white (Love it!!!), so I themed their brunch as "Summer Sunny Side Up!" I am also creating décor for each table that will work double duty as a centerpiece and table tags (you will love this idea!!)  Additionally, there will be a brunch menu at each table, displaying what will be served as the buffet. These handmade menus are less than $1.50 each to make and will look fantastic!  
Lastly, the tables will be adorned with white linen tablecloths, a bottle of sparkling cider in the center and tied to each bottle, will be beautiful gold and white helium balloons!
Here's the lowdown on how to create "my idea", for a budget-friendly buffet ,that completes everything from A to Z and that celebrates "your graduate", in a very special way!
Let's get started...
A.  How To Create the Menus, Graduation Caps, Framed Centerpieces & Table Tags: 
1.  Menu:  I used cardstock in two colors and gold & white vellum paper.  I cut one color of the cardstock into a square, a little larger than the other one.  Next, I cut the vellum paper into a 1 1/2 in width strip, the length of the larger cardstock square and glued it onto the larger piece of cardstock.  On the other color cardstock to be used for the smaller square, I printed the menu list.  After the list printed, I cut the list down to a smaller size square and cut slants on all four corners, to frame it out.  Lastly, glued the menu list on top of, both the vellum strip and the larger cardstock square.   That's it, my menu is done!  I repeated this process to make enough menus for each table.  
2.  Graduation Cap:  This is so simple to make.  Cut a 2x2x2x2 square out of cardstock paper, preferably the school colors.  Next, cut a 4 1/2 inch strip of the same colored cardstock.  Wrap the strip around and attach one end to the other.  Secure with a staple.  This will make a circle.  Next, take a piece of scotch tape and tape it to one side of the 2x2x2x2 square, leaving about a 1/2 inch of tape excess, on each side.  Now, attach the circle by sliding it through, the two excess tape pieces.  Lastly, secure the tape on each side by connecting both pieces to each other.  You did it!!  Make enough caps for each centerpiece.
3.  Framed Centerpiece and Table Tag:  Ok, now let's make the centerpieces & table tags.  Keeping with the color theme, I will use gold and white frames, similar in size but different shapes.  Here, I show you one frame that I am using and I embellished it with a gold beaded necklace.  I also placed the handmade graduation cap on the corner near the beads, for a pop effect!  Now, for a two-in-one idea that is golden!! Add a large letter or number to the center of the frame and this centerpiece now works as a table tag.  This letter or number will be used to identify each table, when its time for dinner.  I chose to use a large letter and was able to find the exact colors that I needed.  I absolutely love how this centerpiece came out!  Your local craft store will have everything you need to create these ideas.  Picture frames are in abundance at Marshalls, Home Goods or TJ Maxx and they are reasonably priced also.  Be daring and creative when choosing your frames!
B.  Like My Menu Choice?  Here's How To Make Exactly What I Will Make For This Event!
I chose menu foods that I thought would work for an AWESOME brunch!!  I knew that this couple and their family, loved seafood, so that allowed me to plan a perfect seafood menu.  I was also very conscious of any vegetarian guests that may be attending, so I included a Vegetable Lasagna on the menu with mushrooms, fresh sliced tomatoes, ricotta cheese, slice zucchini, eggplant and plenty of cheeses!  I can share my very own recipe for this.  Send me a comment and I'll email it to you :-)!  
The Salmon will be grilled to perfection in a small amount of olive oil. Make sure the skin gets crunchy ;-)! For a finishing touch, I always make this Yogurt Sauce I love, with plain yogurt, cilantro, thyme, lime juice, salt and pepper.  It's so good and light for any fish meal. 
The Shrimp and Cheese Grits is a favorite recipe I make from Bobby Flay's original.  I add old bay seasoning to mine, for that Maryland flavor! (Google Bobby Flays Shrimp & Grits for Recipe)
French Onion Soup, too easy to make this.  I get some fresh French bread from Wegmans, slice it in rounds for each bowl of soup or I use Wegmans fresh croutons, that they make daily.  Either will work.  Then, take a shortcut and buy a few cans of "good" French onion soup and add some thin slices of vidalia onions, to bulk it up.  Pour soup with onions in an oven safe soup bowl, add your bread round or croutons, top with either Provolone or Swiss cheese and pop those babies in the oven until the cheese has melted and soup topping is a bubbly, light brown in color...YUMMY!
For the Arugula, Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad, OMG, I can't even take the credit for this awesome summer salad...LOL!    Please go to Ina Garten's site (Barefoot Contessa) and get the recipe for this.  The guests will love, love, love this salad.  It is that good!! 
Hot rolls are semi-made by purchasing a frozen bag from the grocery store (oh yea...keep it simple!).  Bake, as per the instructions and you can make Honey Butter very easily.  Another recipe that I got from the Barefoot Contessa (google it, for directions).  This is too easy to make too!! 
"Please" order a Graduation Cake with all the fillings and whipped cream icing because graduates just love to see their name and/or picture on a cake, especially during this special time :)!! 
The Lemonade-Watermelon Spritzer is ridiculously good and quick to make!  Here's the recipe and what you need (Courtesy of Redbook Magazine)....
6 lb. seedless watermelon, cut into 1-inch chunks (8 cups)
12 ounces frozen lemonade concentrate
12 ounces frozen pink lemonade concentrate
Seltzer water or club soda, chilled
Lime slice, for garnish. 
Puree watermelon, in batches, in blender until smooth.  Pour into a 2-quart pitcher.  Stir in lemonade concentrates until completely melted.  Cover;  refrigerate overnight.  When ready to serve, fill 10 oz. glasses with ice cubes and 1/2 cup of the watermelon mixture;  top with seltzer and garnish with lime slices. 
Hot Coffee, Hot Tea and Sparkling Water will also be served. 
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LoftTalk Submissions Are Now Open for May 2015!! Social Media Sharing @ LOFT101.NET {Opens Officially on Thursday May 14, 2015 and Closes on May 28, 2015}

Hi You 'all :-)!!!!
Ok...I'm off to the races again this month and asking for input to LoftTalk for May 2015.  LoftTalk for May officially opens on this Thursday, May 14, 2015.  I decided to open LoftTalk for this month a little later.  Here's why..I have been in prayer the last two weeks, for this social media initiative to increase in participation.  I prayed without ceasing for these past 2 weeks, specifically for the May 2015 LoftTalk activity.
I'm believing for increase, one month at a time...LOL!! You have exactly two weeks from this Thursday to participate, so begin thinking about what you want to submit. To my subscribers, perhaps you will participate, to jump start this LoftTalk month....LOL!!!  I surely would appreciate "you" participating this month.....:-)...Thanks!  

Send your LoftTalk submission to:
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Personal Message "To You" From Deb:
Please consider participating.  We all have something to share and I want to know what you have to share, so please step out on faith.  Your submissions are strictly confidential when you send them in to me.  I am the only one that sees it, until it is published and I don't share any personal information.  I will never share your last name, only your first name.  This month, I want to give some incentive for those who will participate in LoftTalk. 
So, here it is:
The first 3 people to send in a submission that is acceptable, will receive a Designer t-shirt!  These t-shirts are very nice and are perfect for the summer weather!  If you send in your submission early and quickly, you will win a t-shirt, for sure! I'll reach out to you ASAP, to let you know if you have won a t-shirt..tty soon ;-) 

Every Day Natural Solutions: More Tips and Uses for Lemon & Basics for Beauty and Body Care

Hi There ;-)!
I am loving this warm weather we are having in Maryland and with summer only a few weeks away, now is the time to start planning our vacations and getting our beauty, bodies and basics in order, to simplify our lives, even more!  Again, I'll admit, I am not one to read a lot but when I get my hands on some information that is good and purposeful, you can't stop me from reading, researching and sharing as much as I can, with you! (Courtesy Resource:  Real Simple)
I'm always looking for natural stuff that I can use or mix up, to benefit my "whole" self.  I am really good with taking my vitamins/daily meds and I have to say that because I do that so well, my blood pressure has remained normal/stable longer than it has ever been and my cholesterol is also improving.  I'm a firm believer in taking some of the natural vitamins that I do, only because I know they work, "for me" and based on successful results I've received from my doctor visits, I've been told that I must be doing something right...LOL!  I also try to take a short walk daily, sometime during the day.  That really helps me out with keeping my weight under control. 
Can I be real and honest?  Sometimes, just as we all have to visit with the doctor for examinations and re-examinations for our health, we also need to re-examine ourselves and our bodies for changes that are taking place, as we naturally age.  Taking the right vitamins and prescribed medicines, allows us to take care of ourselves internally, but sometimes we get so caught up in our daily routine, we forget about our external body and that is just as important. 
As the seasons change and with summer on the way, we need to care for our skin and hair even more, since they are the biggest parts of our external body and are exposed to the sun big time, during the summer months.  With that said, I'm sharing some basics I have found to help with your beauty and your body.  I've also included some more natural uses for lemon, that will help a bit more with your "real life" and your everyday living!

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Baby Powder - If you are use to washing your hair everyday and have no time to, you can stretch your hairstyle one additional day by sprinkling baby powder on a brush and running it through your hair.
Skin Care Products - Ever thought about putting your skin care products in the refrigerator during the summer months?  Try it!  Let them chill and after you finish showering and are ready to "do your face", you will love how cool and refreshing everything will feel, when you begin to apply it.
Salt Exfoliation - Rub a salt based body scrub all over your body, from head to toe.  Jump into the shower, and you will feel the salt exfoliate the rough areas and as the salt dissolves, it will also soften your body!
Sunburn Relief - Purchase some aloe vera gel from your drugstore and fill an ice cube tray with the gel.  Let harden and anytime you experience over sunburned skin, pop one of the aloe vera ice cubes out from the tray and rub it along your skin to help with the pain.  The aloe vera gel will add moisture and at the same time, provide a cooling relief.
Softening Hand Treatment - Before doing the dishes, try this!  Apply a generous amount of hand cream to your hands and then put on some rubber gloves.  Now, when you do the dishes, the heat from the water will begin to penetrate your hands and will help with softening and moisturizing them.
Hair Treatment - The summer months can really tend to dry your hair out and needless to say, chlorine is a big contributor of that.  Here's a simple solution to help with this problem.  Apply a hot oil treatment to wet hair, then wrap in a warm towel.  Keep re-warming the towel with hot water or you can put it in the microwave for 1 minute or less to heat to your comfort.   Relax for about 20 minutes, then rinse hair with cool water. 
Hard Heels - Here's an idea for "hard heels" that doesn't get any more "natural" than this!  Take a stroll on the beach and walk in the sand for a awhile.  Sand is a natural exfoliation in itself and will help your heels shed some of that dead skin!
Natural Facial - Add some warm water to a package of unsweetened instant oatmeal.  Now apply it to your face for 5 to 10 minutes to soothe and hydrate dry your skin.  Rinse thoroughly.
Lip Exfoliator - To smooth dry, peeling lips, try this.  Make a paste of sugar and petroleum jelly, then gently massage the mixture into your lips, using a soft toothbrush.  Wipe off the excess with a washcloth.
Skin Smoother - This is a low cost facial scrub.  Mix three parts baking soda with one part water and massage gently into your skin, in circular motion.  Rinse thoroughly. 
Hair Lightener - Here's a good idea!  For a subtle highlighter for blond hair, simmer two sliced lemons in water for one hour (add more water if needed).  Strain, then pour into a spray bottle.  Now do your thing....LOL!!
Sooth a Sore Throat - This is a recipe that I learned about years ago and every time I get a bad sore throat, I mix this up.  In a coffee cup or mug, warm some water and squeeze one whole lemon into the water.  Add some sugar for taste and sip on this until finished. 
Here's another idea, roast a halved lemon over a flame until the peel turns golden.  Remove from the heat, then mix the juice with one teaspoon of honey. Drink.
Cutting-Board Bleacher - Rub half of a cut lemon over a wooden or plastic cutting board to clean and whiten the surface.  Then rinse. 
Laundry Brightener - Skip the bleach, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of lemon juice to the wash cycle to lighten whites.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Curb Appeal With Zeal: Ideas for Landscape Decorating!

Flower Pot with begonias, ivy and spikes.

Happy Mother's Day Moms!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, taking time out to enjoy "you!"  Well, today I am enjoying my Mother's Day because I have been hard at work since last week, planting flowers, pruning bushes and freshening up mulch beds!!  I enjoy decorating our yard but I don't enjoy how sore I am the next few days after I have finished...LOL!  It seems as though the older I get, the harder it is to recover from the pain I endure, working muscles that I have not worked in years...;-)!!!  Anyway, the results are so worth it.
I always work around my Pink Azaleas!  As you may know, I love pink and since the azaleas are perennials, I can be sure each year the three that we have planted, will bloom in full force every it!!! I love Begonias and I plant them every year.  I love red with pink, so that is another favorite color palette I often use when decorating our yard.  I planted red begonias in the front of the house and pink and red begonias on the side of the house.  I also created two separate flower pots with red begonias, ivy and spikes.  They came out beautifully! This year I did something different and I absolutely love this idea.  I chose to hang Boston Ferns in my front yard and the curb appeal from this choice, was right on time!  Boston Ferns are a popular choice this summer for landscaping and the best part about this plant is, the low cost. You can get Boston ferns for less than ten bucks each.  That is a great buy, especially when you need to buy more than one.  I needed three. 
Another choice I made this year that I normally don't use is, the purchase of a hanging Geranium plant with ivy vines.  This was another good buy I got and I absolutely love this plant! I placed it in the front of the house, in the corner of my mulch bed, with the Boston ferns and it really compliments the overall look that I was looking for.

Finally, I finished the flower beds with Black mulch and a few LED landscape lights.  I am so proud of this project.  It took me a solid week to finish, so I missed blogging with you all last week but now you can see what I was doing...;-)!!!  

Check out my photo tour below and I hope the ideas I share, can help you with your next landscaping project!  Comments are always welcomed and you still have a few more hours remaining to enjoy Mother's Day, so continue enjoying the rest of your to you soon ;-)!

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Door wreath with pink, cream and sage mulberries. Soft touch for summer! 

My Pink Azaleas, pink and red begonias and old mulch.

Now, I am beginning to lay the new black mulch.

This is my pink hanging begonia.  I have it hanging on a shepherds hook.

Here is my finished look on the side of our house!!  Pink and red begonias planted in mulch bed, pink hanging begonias, flower pots on side steps and fresh black mulch!

Here's the finished curb appeal look in the front of the house.  Boston ferns, red begonias planted in the mulch bed and an evergreen bush and three boxwood bushes, that we planted last year.  These bushes are great choices for the front of any home because you can blend just about any other plants, flowers or colors with them and create a great curb appeal look!

Close up look at my lovely Boston Fern!

Geranium with Ivy Vines and Landscape lighting.

Front View, finished look!  LED Landscape lights have been added throughout.  There is another Boston fern, not shown, off to the left.  I'm done!  Curb appeal with zeal....;-)