Friday, May 29, 2015

7 Money Saving Tips For Your Next HOME Project {Decorating Rule: Less Flashy, More Classy}

Have you ever went shopping for a home project you started and couldn't decide what you wanted, what colors you liked and simply had no idea of how you wanted to begin or how the outcome of this project would end?  Well, I've got a simple rule and some great ideas for you to keep in mind, that will give you a fantastic start on your new venture. 

Here's my motto, I always follow (wow, that!
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If you can stick with this motto, throughout your project process, you will surely end up with a smart, beautiful and classy outcome! Here's the thing, when you keep things classy and less flashy, you can't go wrong.  It allows for balance when deciding on what you want your theme to be and when choosing your colors.  Let's get started with 7 of my decorating tips to save you some $$$!


Classy, I mean in good taste.  Bargain shop with a 5 star style mentality, in mind....LOL!  Check out the "brand names for less stores", where you can designer shop on a budget.  These stores are the best for getting the biggest bang for your buck on designer styles!  Some of these stores would be Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and
Clean, I mean soft and crisp!  Choose a palette of colors that work well, in all seasons.  White is always my first choice for a clean decorating look.  Use it as the primary color, along with other hues, for variety.  White has been and will always be the "go-to color" because it is cool, crisp, clean and classic!
Smart, I want you to think about functionality.  Everyone is looking for convenience these days and easier ways to do things.  When you think smart, think about d├ęcor that is relaxing, user friendly and multifunctional.  For example, when shopping for furniture, look for a sectional that also has reclining seats.  Leather is great because you can wipe it off.  Perhaps you may even opt for a sectional that has a small table in between the seating to hold your drinking glass and remote controls.  This is a space saver and also eliminates you having to purchase a separate coffee table or end tables.You don't want furniture or items in your home that you have to worry about folks sitting on or every time someone touches it, the dirt will show up.  Keep it smart!
Simple, I mean basic when I say this.  Don't go for the bling bling, sparkle sparkle because after awhile, this will become boring to you.  If you can keep the overall theme of your project classy and clean, then that will allow room for you to throw in accessories that can capture that bling and sparkle.  You tracking  (smile)?

Perfect Pop, accessorizing is great for introducing the "pop effect" because you can change out accessories much easier than you can change the entire theme of your project.  Keep that in mind when you are shopping for the "perfect pop"!  Introduce colors, sparkle, bling, glitter, patterns or more with accessories.  Uses props such as vases, candles, flowers, etc. for that perfect pop too!
Shabby Shopping Chicy Style, means mixing the costly purchases with the bargain purchases.  You can find some really good buys at your local flea market or garage sales.  Another idea, are home auctions.  I attend home auctions at least twice a year.  When builders have sold all of the new homes in a particular development, they usually auction off all of the items in the models they have been showing for the last few years.  OMG!  The buys you get at a home auction are unbelievable.  I picked up two large scalloped wooden wall plaques that I plan to make into a screen divider.  I'll share this project on my blog when I start.  They are beautiful pieces of wood and I grabbed them up for $75.00 each!  Now that's shabby shopping with a chicy look! 
Barter Bash, do this by getting folks in your neighborhood together and tell them to set up tables outside their garages or in their yards with some of the better home items they like but don't love anymore and are willing to trade off with you and others in the neighborhood.  Barter back and forth.  Your neighbor may have something that they used in their home that they no longer want and you as well, barter off and everyone is happy with no cost to either of you! Another group that would be good to get together for bartering, are a few of your close friends.  Set up your basement with a few tables, add some snacks and cold drinks and everyone is happy, happy!!  You can walk around and see what your friends want to give up in exchange for something on your table, they may want.  This is so much fun and an ideal way to decorate on a string!!