Sunday, May 10, 2015

Curb Appeal With Zeal: Ideas for Landscape Decorating!

Flower Pot with begonias, ivy and spikes.

Happy Mother's Day Moms!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, taking time out to enjoy "you!"  Well, today I am enjoying my Mother's Day because I have been hard at work since last week, planting flowers, pruning bushes and freshening up mulch beds!!  I enjoy decorating our yard but I don't enjoy how sore I am the next few days after I have finished...LOL!  It seems as though the older I get, the harder it is to recover from the pain I endure, working muscles that I have not worked in years...;-)!!!  Anyway, the results are so worth it.
I always work around my Pink Azaleas!  As you may know, I love pink and since the azaleas are perennials, I can be sure each year the three that we have planted, will bloom in full force every it!!! I love Begonias and I plant them every year.  I love red with pink, so that is another favorite color palette I often use when decorating our yard.  I planted red begonias in the front of the house and pink and red begonias on the side of the house.  I also created two separate flower pots with red begonias, ivy and spikes.  They came out beautifully! This year I did something different and I absolutely love this idea.  I chose to hang Boston Ferns in my front yard and the curb appeal from this choice, was right on time!  Boston Ferns are a popular choice this summer for landscaping and the best part about this plant is, the low cost. You can get Boston ferns for less than ten bucks each.  That is a great buy, especially when you need to buy more than one.  I needed three. 
Another choice I made this year that I normally don't use is, the purchase of a hanging Geranium plant with ivy vines.  This was another good buy I got and I absolutely love this plant! I placed it in the front of the house, in the corner of my mulch bed, with the Boston ferns and it really compliments the overall look that I was looking for.

Finally, I finished the flower beds with Black mulch and a few LED landscape lights.  I am so proud of this project.  It took me a solid week to finish, so I missed blogging with you all last week but now you can see what I was doing...;-)!!!  

Check out my photo tour below and I hope the ideas I share, can help you with your next landscaping project!  Comments are always welcomed and you still have a few more hours remaining to enjoy Mother's Day, so continue enjoying the rest of your to you soon ;-)!

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Door wreath with pink, cream and sage mulberries. Soft touch for summer! 

My Pink Azaleas, pink and red begonias and old mulch.

Now, I am beginning to lay the new black mulch.

This is my pink hanging begonia.  I have it hanging on a shepherds hook.

Here is my finished look on the side of our house!!  Pink and red begonias planted in mulch bed, pink hanging begonias, flower pots on side steps and fresh black mulch!

Here's the finished curb appeal look in the front of the house.  Boston ferns, red begonias planted in the mulch bed and an evergreen bush and three boxwood bushes, that we planted last year.  These bushes are great choices for the front of any home because you can blend just about any other plants, flowers or colors with them and create a great curb appeal look!

Close up look at my lovely Boston Fern!

Geranium with Ivy Vines and Landscape lighting.

Front View, finished look!  LED Landscape lights have been added throughout.  There is another Boston fern, not shown, off to the left.  I'm done!  Curb appeal with zeal....;-)