Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Every Day Natural Solutions: More Tips and Uses for Lemon & Basics for Beauty and Body Care

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I am loving this warm weather we are having in Maryland and with summer only a few weeks away, now is the time to start planning our vacations and getting our beauty, bodies and basics in order, to simplify our lives, even more!  Again, I'll admit, I am not one to read a lot but when I get my hands on some information that is good and purposeful, you can't stop me from reading, researching and sharing as much as I can, with you! (Courtesy Resource:  Real Simple)
I'm always looking for natural stuff that I can use or mix up, to benefit my "whole" self.  I am really good with taking my vitamins/daily meds and I have to say that because I do that so well, my blood pressure has remained normal/stable longer than it has ever been and my cholesterol is also improving.  I'm a firm believer in taking some of the natural vitamins that I do, only because I know they work, "for me" and based on successful results I've received from my doctor visits, I've been told that I must be doing something right...LOL!  I also try to take a short walk daily, sometime during the day.  That really helps me out with keeping my weight under control. 
Can I be real and honest?  Sometimes, just as we all have to visit with the doctor for examinations and re-examinations for our health, we also need to re-examine ourselves and our bodies for changes that are taking place, as we naturally age.  Taking the right vitamins and prescribed medicines, allows us to take care of ourselves internally, but sometimes we get so caught up in our daily routine, we forget about our external body and that is just as important. 
As the seasons change and with summer on the way, we need to care for our skin and hair even more, since they are the biggest parts of our external body and are exposed to the sun big time, during the summer months.  With that said, I'm sharing some basics I have found to help with your beauty and your body.  I've also included some more natural uses for lemon, that will help a bit more with your "real life" and your everyday living!

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Baby Powder - If you are use to washing your hair everyday and have no time to, you can stretch your hairstyle one additional day by sprinkling baby powder on a brush and running it through your hair.
Skin Care Products - Ever thought about putting your skin care products in the refrigerator during the summer months?  Try it!  Let them chill and after you finish showering and are ready to "do your face", you will love how cool and refreshing everything will feel, when you begin to apply it.
Salt Exfoliation - Rub a salt based body scrub all over your body, from head to toe.  Jump into the shower, and you will feel the salt exfoliate the rough areas and as the salt dissolves, it will also soften your body!
Sunburn Relief - Purchase some aloe vera gel from your drugstore and fill an ice cube tray with the gel.  Let harden and anytime you experience over sunburned skin, pop one of the aloe vera ice cubes out from the tray and rub it along your skin to help with the pain.  The aloe vera gel will add moisture and at the same time, provide a cooling relief.
Softening Hand Treatment - Before doing the dishes, try this!  Apply a generous amount of hand cream to your hands and then put on some rubber gloves.  Now, when you do the dishes, the heat from the water will begin to penetrate your hands and will help with softening and moisturizing them.
Hair Treatment - The summer months can really tend to dry your hair out and needless to say, chlorine is a big contributor of that.  Here's a simple solution to help with this problem.  Apply a hot oil treatment to wet hair, then wrap in a warm towel.  Keep re-warming the towel with hot water or you can put it in the microwave for 1 minute or less to heat to your comfort.   Relax for about 20 minutes, then rinse hair with cool water. 
Hard Heels - Here's an idea for "hard heels" that doesn't get any more "natural" than this!  Take a stroll on the beach and walk in the sand for a awhile.  Sand is a natural exfoliation in itself and will help your heels shed some of that dead skin!
Natural Facial - Add some warm water to a package of unsweetened instant oatmeal.  Now apply it to your face for 5 to 10 minutes to soothe and hydrate dry your skin.  Rinse thoroughly.
Lip Exfoliator - To smooth dry, peeling lips, try this.  Make a paste of sugar and petroleum jelly, then gently massage the mixture into your lips, using a soft toothbrush.  Wipe off the excess with a washcloth.
Skin Smoother - This is a low cost facial scrub.  Mix three parts baking soda with one part water and massage gently into your skin, in circular motion.  Rinse thoroughly. 
Hair Lightener - Here's a good idea!  For a subtle highlighter for blond hair, simmer two sliced lemons in water for one hour (add more water if needed).  Strain, then pour into a spray bottle.  Now do your thing....LOL!!
Sooth a Sore Throat - This is a recipe that I learned about years ago and every time I get a bad sore throat, I mix this up.  In a coffee cup or mug, warm some water and squeeze one whole lemon into the water.  Add some sugar for taste and sip on this until finished. 
Here's another idea, roast a halved lemon over a flame until the peel turns golden.  Remove from the heat, then mix the juice with one teaspoon of honey. Drink.
Cutting-Board Bleacher - Rub half of a cut lemon over a wooden or plastic cutting board to clean and whiten the surface.  Then rinse. 
Laundry Brightener - Skip the bleach, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of lemon juice to the wash cycle to lighten whites.