Sunday, May 31, 2015

Free Subscription & Growing Synergy Via Social Media Sharing: LoftTalk @ Is Going Places Not Fast, Not Alone, But Together!

Ok, my idea for LoftTalk @ literally began 3 months ago (March 2015) and since it was first introduced, I've had the pleasure of sharing two submissions so far:  

-March 2015 - Helpful Hints On Caring For The Elderly (By Phyllis)

-April 2015 - Mediterranean Chicken & Pesto Recipe 
(By Daryn) 

Both of these submissions can now be found on my Corner Loft 101 page at or you can search the titles on the Home Page.  Please visit to read these submissions, if you have not already.  They are great contributions!
A few weeks ago, I posted a plea for my viewers, followers and subscribers to share a story, recipe, tips, basics or whatever they felt they could share on LoftTalk social media, that would be beneficial to others.  I prayed for "increase" that the LoftTalk participation would begin to grow a little, asking folks to break that chain of second guessing yourself, think out-the-box and dare yourself to "try something new".  I prayed and asked God to use me more, to introduce this social media platform I am launching on my blog site, to allow others to voice their ideas, stories, tips and anything they felt would be helpful and beneficial to others. 
Well, I'm so happy to share 2 wonderful submissions I received for LoftTalk May 2015 from two beautiful woman that reached out to me and wanted to share their voice!  "Thank you for your support ladies!"  Dolmecia and Bell are subscribers of and their stories are interesting, unique, fun and helpful!  I enjoyed reading them and excited to share them with you!  Both of their submissions are so detailed and thorough that I will need to post them separately, for you to truly enjoy the fullness of what they have to share! 
Congratulations to both Bell and Dolmecia for being the May 2015 LoftTalk winners of a designer t-shirt!!  "Enjoy sporting your t-shirt this summer ladies and thanks again, for sharing" in LoftTalk @ 
Their submissions will post on Tuesday 6/2/15....
 Hosting a Cooking Class and Taste Gathering:  LoftTalk Contributor Submission {May 2015} By Dolmecia
Advice On Housecleaning & Sharing Chores with Your Significant Other {SO}:  LoftTalk Contributor Submission {May 2015}
By Bell
Let's Keep The "Increase" Going and Let's Go "Together".....Hopefully you will be encouraged to participate in LoftTalk @ in June 2015
Subscribe NOW to for FREE and be part of a social media platform that is new and growing.
I am excited for the future of LoftTalk @!!! 
LoftTalk Submissions for June 2015:
Opens on June 9, 2015 thru June 26, 2015.  I'll be looking for your submission...LOL!!
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