Tuesday, May 12, 2015

LoftTalk Submissions Are Now Open for May 2015!! Social Media Sharing @ LOFT101.NET {Opens Officially on Thursday May 14, 2015 and Closes on May 28, 2015}

Hi You 'all :-)!!!!
Ok...I'm off to the races again this month and asking for input to LoftTalk for May 2015.  LoftTalk for May officially opens on this Thursday, May 14, 2015.  I decided to open LoftTalk for this month a little later.  Here's why..I have been in prayer the last two weeks, for this social media initiative to increase in participation.  I prayed without ceasing for these past 2 weeks, specifically for the May 2015 LoftTalk activity.
I'm believing for increase, one month at a time...LOL!! You have exactly two weeks from this Thursday to participate, so begin thinking about what you want to submit. To my subscribers, perhaps you will participate, to jump start this LoftTalk month....LOL!!!  I surely would appreciate "you" participating this month.....:-)...Thanks!  

Send your LoftTalk submission to: Debsloft101@gmail.com
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Personal Message "To You" From Deb:
Please consider participating.  We all have something to share and I want to know what you have to share, so please step out on faith.  Your submissions are strictly confidential when you send them in to me.  I am the only one that sees it, until it is published and I don't share any personal information.  I will never share your last name, only your first name.  This month, I want to give some incentive for those who will participate in LoftTalk. 
So, here it is:
The first 3 people to send in a submission that is acceptable, will receive a LOFT101.net Designer t-shirt!  These t-shirts are very nice and are perfect for the summer weather!  If you send in your submission early and quickly, you will win a t-shirt, for sure! I'll reach out to you ASAP, to let you know if you have won a t-shirt..tty soon ;-)