Tuesday, June 30, 2015

4 Weeks of Summer With My "Meet Me In The Kitchen" Blog Series : Ideas For A Naturally Healthier Body & Better Skin: Soaps, Scrubs, Salads, Seltzer & Salmon

How much do you love this time of the year?  Well, for me, "I love, love love the summertime!!!"  I like to get out as much as I can and soak up the natural essentials like the sun, sand and warm waves of the oceanfront.  

I'm a Jersey girl and the Jersey Shore is in my blood!  Fortunately, my hubby is from there too, so we both love hot weather and hanging out at the beach as often as we can.  I grew up with a pool in our backyard, so I'm use to being able to be near the water often.  Now, ask me how well I can swim and I can truly say, I'm an average swimmer but I don't play with the waves!!  I go just far enough in to get wet...LOL!!   
Now, with the sun, comes the fun...yes???  Here's the problem with all that fun we have.  Our skin suffers and can tend to dry out, more often than usual. Our feet are exposed more and our heels take the worst beating.  Our sweat glands work on overtime and our thirst for water, increases by the minute.  In the summer, our diet changes by default simply because our bodies seem to desire less to eat, in the heat. 

Beginning July 6th, I will be sharing posts that will provide healthy ideas, recipes, tips and benefits especially for you, during the summer months.  

Week One (Starts July 6th thru July 10th):  
I'll be sharing how to make homemade soaps & scrubs, right in your kitchen, from scratch!  You can use them to help prevent your skin from drying out and create a smoother feel.

Week Two:  (Starts July 13th thru July 17th)
I'll surprise you with some salads that I love to eat but primarily are very healthy for you.  

Week Three:  (Starts July 20th thru July 24th)
Who doesn't love water?  Well, you'd be surprise how hard it is for some to drink water.  That's why I'll be sharing several seltzer waters that you can make at home and enjoy the benefits of drinking water more! 

Week Four:  (Starts July 27th thru July 31)
Salmon is my all time favorite fish and salmon is also very good for you.  It provides nutrients that are very healthy for you.  I'll share some favorite salmon recipes that I enjoy fixing.  Summer is fun but it can also be healthy! So stay tuned for more and keep following!

On Another Note:  
Our June LoftTalk submissions will be posted this week and you will absolutely love the posts I'll be sharing with you from three wonderful women Shanay, Charli and Mary.  You are in for a treat!  Thanks in advance ladies and your contributions are perfect for sharing with others. July LoftTalk opens on Jul 8th and closes Jul 29th.  It's  your turn!  Subscribe to Loft101.net for my FREE Newsletter and join our social circle! 

Over 188 posts to read and many posts that are fun and offer DIY101 instructions.  It's a fun blog to follow and there's always "something new" being added ♡!
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

One Kings Lane Tray Chic Campaign: LOFT101.net Selected As A Favorite Blogger To Participate!!

Craft/Office Tray Chic:  Created By LOFT101.net
"Thanks One Kings Lane.  So happy you like LOFT101.net and overjoyed that I'm one of your favorite bloggers."
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I have some AWESOME news to share with you!  About one week ago, LOFT101.net was asked to participate in a campaign called "Tray Chic" being sponsored by a well known online marketplace called onekingslane.com {One Kings Lane}.  Read their story at onekingslane.com and trust me, you will be inspired!  As a trailblazer for women, I really appreciate being part of this campaign. 

This company was launched back in 2009 by two women who had a drive to become entrepreneurs.  I am so encouraged by their story and how they began.  Their headquarters is located in San Francisco, California and additional offices located in, New York and Beverly Hills.  They sell a spectacular collection of furniture, sofas, rugs, bedding and home décor items. "One Kings Lane" is now the leading new commerce company for the home, offering the best top-brand, vintage and designer items at exceptional values!
My Personal Point Of View...
So, this photo is my "Tray Chic moment!!!" I posted a blog a few months ago on using tv table trays and how useful they are for entertaining. So, I'm a fan of using trays of any kind, for sure!  I love them & they compliment any area of the house and the best part about trays are the functionality of them.  They are useful pieces of home décor that hold just about anything.  You can find all colors, sizes and styles because they are just that popular!  I created a craft/office tray and themed it that way too, as you can see in the photo...lol!!  This idea was a great one and a DIY101 for sure, which is what LOFT101.net is all about!  You should try it out.  It's a wonderful way to get organized too!

From One Kings Lane... 
Hi Deb!
I hope you’re well! I’m with the online home-décor retailer One Kings Lane, and I wanted to reach out because we are launching a cool blogger campaign series called Tray Chic. We're firm believers that filling your home with pieces you love is one of the best ways to celebrate your personal style, and one accent that is both wildly versatile and completely personalizable, is the tray. You could say we’re tray-obsessed, using them on our coffee tables, vanities, and bedside tables. With that in mind, we want to see your Tray Chic moment! Whether you use a tray for breakfast in bed or as a catchall on your entryway console, we want you to share it! We’re reaching out to a few of our favorite bloggers to participate. And we’d love for you to join in and share your personal point of view on your blog. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll follow up with all the details. 
Thanks, Deb! I’m looking forward to working with you.

Friday, June 26, 2015

My Thought For Today: Learning to Live With My 75% What is Your Reasonable Portion?

Happy Friday ;-)!!
So, perhaps you woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed, or as soon as you started your day off, someone got in your way, said the wrong thing and was just plain old rude to you and that really made you mad!  Oh, I know the feeling and guess what, it won't be the last time...lol!  If you are like me and so many others, you probably look forward to the "Happy Fridays" and the week ending so that you can plan a kick-back, banging weekend but out of the clear blue sky, someone comes along and attempts to spoil your joy!

Well, I have a thought for you today and I want to share it because it is truly one of my pet peeves that I follow, all the time.  If you know me, I've probably shared it with you, in conversation, one time or another.  Everyone cannot follow this mind set that I do because some people need it "all" and others are content with a "reasonable portion."  My reasonable portion is 75%.  Yours may be 95% or 80%.  I don't know. For each of us, it will be different.

You see, the way that I decided that 75% was more than enough for me is when I realized that all of the things I want or desire, will not come at the same time.  That's just life.  Even with the way people act toward me, I've learned to live with that.  I forgive and keep moving.  If I'm wrong, I apologize and still keep moving.  It took me awhile to get content with my 75% but I'm so glad that I did!  There are many things that we want to do or want to happen but more times than not, they will happen but perhaps at different times in your life or at different places in your life.  Oh, I'm not ashamed to say that sometimes it seems as though what I long for, will never happen!  Learning to live with less than you desire makes the reward so much more greater when you receive it or when it happens.  With this mindset and adopting this way of thinking, disappointments are almost never entertained because in your mind, you know that you are grateful and appreciative of whatever "good thing" comes your way.  You don't need it "all".

We have no control over how things will happen in our lives.  Only God has the control over my life and sometimes God will pour out on me and my family, more than I 've asked for and sometimes He will sit me down, to wait.  There have been times that I've never seen the desires I've asked for but I know that what He has provided is more than enough and I'm still happy and grateful!

What is your reasonable portion?  Think about it.  Be content with it and soon you will see that no matter what your % is, it will be more than enough for YOU!  Blessings to you, always.....
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Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Loft101.net!! {Celebrating One Year Soon & You Are Invited ♡}

Hi ♡♡♡!
 I'm having a birthday party I'm planning for August and you are invited!  Soon, I will be celebrating the first year since I created the Loft101.net blog site!  I plan to barbecue and invite a few friends over to share some thoughts about LOFT101 and party with me!  The ride has been beautiful this first year and so many doors have opened for me!  This party will be "by invitation only" and you are invited to participate! Ok, virtually, you are probably wondering, "How can I attend?"  Well, here's how...if you are a current subscriber and have been for at least180 days or more, you will receive a gift for being a GOLDEN SUBSCRIBER.  If you are a current subscriber and have been for at least 90 days or more, you will receive a gift for being a SILVER SUBCRIBER.  If you are a current subscriber and have been for at least 30 days or more, you will receive a gift for being a BRONZE SUBSCRIBER.   Here's what I ask, send me a comment, 2 or 3 sentences sharing "What you like most about the LOFT101.net  blog site." I want to post all of the comments on line for my Blog Birthday!  That's it and your gift will be on it's way, "a love token of thanks, from me to you"! *You must be a Loft101.net subscriber to participate and be eligible to receive a birthday gift.

If you are not a subscriber, then you still have time to be eligible for a gift.  There are more than 30 days left on the calendar before the actual blog birthday celebration! Join Loft101.net "now" and begin experiencing a "new you"!  Explore new discoveries and "real life" ideas when you Subscribe for Free! There are over 180 posts you can search for and read about.  From good advice, natural products, styling, decorating, organizing, recipes, inspirational, contributors corner, bullying, finding time for you, bath spas, travel, entertaining, crafts, DIY projects, family time, bed & breakfast, elderly care, learning to slow down, cleaning, accessorizing, choosing colors for baby, baking, grilling and so much more!  
You can also participate in LoftTalk @ Loft101.net.  This is a social media platform exclusively at Loft101.net, that is open monthly to anyone desiring to contribute a submission on ideas or stories that would be advantageous and beneficial to others!  Your voice matters on Loft101.net and more and more people are beginning to participate!  I'm grateful and happy about the progress I have made so far.  I have so much more  coming your way as I expand Loft101.net in the future, going from blog to business! I love you and I want you to celebrate with me in August 2015 as I celebrate the 1st year of the creation of LOFT101.net!!!  More details to follow next month about the birthday party! Subscribe Now!!
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Top 12 Picks For Sensational Summer Table Setting Ideas: Get Ready & Get Dressed For Summer Dining!

1.  Courtesy Photo:  www.superbcuisines.com

2.  Courtesy Photo:  www.huffingtonpost.com
Ok, friends are in town and you want to show them to the best time ever, right?  Well, that's exactly what we attempted a few weeks ago and we wowed each other with great company, good food, fun conversation and the best time ever!  The first evening we splurged and went out on the town in grand style!" We enjoyed a seafood feast around the table, from fish to lobster!  The next day, we dined in and continued our food feast with a serving of cedar plank grilled salmon, caramelized with smoky brown sugar, grilled fresh corn on the cob, seasoned with lemon pepper, fresh lime and butter.  The last item added to our menu was asparagus, drizzled with olive oil and fresh lemon juice. Water was the drink of the day! Dining with friends is so much fun, especially when you dine casually!

Well, I surfed the net and these photos were my top 12 favorite picks for summer dining, table settings.  From shorts to tank tops, summer dining is not only casual but comfy!  So, why not dine the way you feel.   "Dressing" your dining table, outdoor area, countertop, beach area, backyard,  garage, deck, patio, poolside, wherever, is simple to do and the casual setting looks just as nice as formal dining. When you have flip flops on, you want you keep them on ;-), so, "dress the table" for summer dining and enjoy.... 

    Happy Summer & Stay Safe!!!! 

 Hope you enjoy this post and if you do, would you be so kind to leave me a comment?  I would love to hear from you and guess what, I'll respond back to you just as soon as I can ;-)!  Click on PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT FOR DEB & JOIN IN TO SHARE at the end when you have finished reading.  Don't forget to leave your name so I know that you wrote me.  Thanks for your support & make it a great day!
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3.  Courtesy Photo:  www.countryliving.com

4.  Courtesy Photo:  travelchannel.com
5.  Courtesy Photo:  blog.williams-sonoma.com
6.  Courtesy Photo:  www.theartfulgourmet.com

7.  Courtesy Photo:  letsentertain.net

8.  Courtesy Photo:  Kitchenisms.com
9.  Courtesy Photo:  www.huffingtonpost.com

10.  Courtesy Photo:  ripandtan.jennikayne.com

11.  Courtesy Photo:  passionshake.com

12.  Courtesy Photo:  www.realestate.com

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Thought For Today: A New Hype On Hope Chests!

Remember back in the day when single women were told to start building your "hope chests"?  Well it's 2015 and my hype on hope chests, in my world, is that they are no longer just for single women. They are for "every woman".  They can be for "every man".  They can work for all "couples".  With the climate we live in today as people, we all need a "hope chest"!  Just as we need a vision of where we are now and where we need to be in the future.  It seems to me that "hope" is real to all of us and defines what we all live for and what we are optimistic about, for ourselves.

So, start collecting and building your "hope chest" today.  Collect and save items that can build on your tomorrow.  Include your spouse or significant other when considering ideas and what collectibles you both want to save.  Hope Chests are exactly what they sound like...."hope"!!
Keep believing, keep dreaming and surely, keep hoping!!
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LoftTalk Submissions Are Now Open For June 2015!! Social Media Sharing @ LOFT101.NET

Hi There!
Summer is less than one week away and I'm so excited!  I'll be posting some "sensational summer dining &table setting ideas" that you can try out this summer.  They will be my top 12 picks for dressing your tables for the summer. You don't want to miss this post!  Anyway, on another note, how are you out there?  I hope well and if you have been feeling a little down and gloomy then perk up because SUMMER is on the way and I absolutely love the HOT weather!  I also try to enjoy it as much as possible since it comes and goes so quickly.  Anyway, LoftTalk for June opened one week ago and will remain open until June 26, 2015.  I've already been informed of two submissions that are on their way to me.  The topics sound great!  Hope more of you will consider participating ;-)!

Anyway,  I'm gaining more subscribers than I have ever had, so "thank you" to my newbies at Loft101!  Now that you are a subscriber, you can be sure that you will never miss a post!  So not only will it be the first day of summer, it will also be Father's Day!  Wow, I don't know if that's ever happened!  Usually, Father's Day is earlier in the month.  Oh well, be sure you remember your Dad, spouse or anyone that's "special "or "like a Dad", to you.  That's important.

Make it a great day and I'll be stopping by soon ;-)...talk to me on LoftTalk...I really want to hear from you!  Join if you haven't yet...tell your friends about me ;-).  Tell your family...oh heck, tell everybody you know!!!..LOL...you can "all" subscribe for FREE! 
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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cleaning & Sharing Chores with Your Significant Other {SO}: LoftTalk @ Loft101.net Contributor {BELL - May 2015}

How much do you love your "Boo"... ;-) lol?  Well, Bell, a Loft101.net subscriber and contributor, shares some interesting and funny insight on delegating chores with her Significant Other (SO)!  Bell, loves her "Boo", big time and it's very obvious by the advice and ideas she shares with us on how they meet down the middle, while managing the chores!  I love the humor she shares throughout & I know you will enjoy reading this just as much as I did!  "Thanks Bell"
*This submission will ARCHIVE to Corner Loft101 Page in 30 days for future reviews 
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Advice On House Cleaning & Sharing Chores With Your Significant Other {SO}
By:  Bell 
"So I don't have much to offer, however here's some likely, unneeded advice!"  ;-)
After having seven siblings at one point growing up, chores are my hell! I don’t make my bed in the mornings and my idea of keeping my clothes folded and hung up, is to not have too many items so it will never be too much work for me to do...sorry, but this is the truth! 

Anyway, my significant other (SO) is the complete opposite of me and unfortunately I can't get around it, I have to help with the chores ;-)! Well, after giving it some thought, I realized that if I must do chores, then I have to do them in a logical and quick manner. Who wants to spend hours doing something they really don't want to do?

"So to all of you that have to do chores but really don't want to, I've got some tips that work for me and my significant other (SO).  Perhaps they can work for you and your SO too!!"   
1Split the chores up. My significant other (SO) is very anal....lol!! I am not. Here's what I do and you can too.  There are certain chores that my SO is obsessed with having done.  Therefore, since I know this already, I delegate all of those types of chores to him!  That way, I know they will get done the way that he likes them to be done. For example, my SO handles pots while I do all the other dishes. I refuse to vacuum everyday so he is in charge of vacuuming.  Splitting up chores in this manner works out well for us....;-)! 

2.  It irritates me to see my SO cleaning one pot for hours while I clean the kitchen, so I ask him to vacuum the 2nd floor while I continue cleaning the kitchen, in peace ;-)!  This allows us to get two areas done that much faster and keeps us "smiling", while we work!

3.  Work from top to bottom. My SO tried to change the sheets after he dusted and vacuumed. We have "down" blankets and he got feathers EVERYWHERE. It was crazy! Now, we have learned that we should take a couple of minutes to plan how chores should be done before we start. It will save a lot of time, work and unneeded aggravation.

4.  Almost always, you should start with cleaning your laundry and your dishes (hello washing machine, dryer and dishwasher!).  This way, you can repeat the wash and dry loads as they finish and keep refilling the dishwasher, all day long!  By the time you're done with housecleaning, your laundry and dishes will be finished.

5.  I find that when cleaning, it is much easier to move items out of the way, than to try and clean around them. You risk dropping things and scratching surfaces. Being lazy and just cleaning around them, doesn't allow you to clean as well either.  It's a lot easier to move things out of the way, before you start.

6.  Pets. If you have pets that shed, please try to comb them outdoors. Just do it!  It's really not worth grooming them indoors, AT ALL!   It may be hard at first, for you to force yourself to exercise this effort everyday, but try and do it, as much as you possibly can.

7.  Some chores, sometimes, require extra man power such as cleaning the toilets, sinks, countertops.  Think about lightly soaking these surfaces with hot water and nonabrasive cleaner, while you work on something else. It will loosen the debris so it’s easier to clean, when you come back.

8.  Check your warranties. I grew up mopping floors but our floors require floor cleaner and I believe it’s called a dry mop. Also, having a carpet cleaner is not enough. Our carpets require a heavy duty cleaning, every year and "no", using the Green Machine does not provide that.  You should call in the professionals, if you really want your carpet to look as fresh as possible. As someone who owns a Green Machine and a black light, "I promise you, there is a difference."

Happy House Working!!

How To Host A Cooking Class & Taste Gathering: LoftTalk @ Loft101.net Contributor {DOLMECIA - May 2015}

Ever thought about getting some family or friends together for a fun night out?  Well, check out this idea from Dolmecia, a Loft101.net subscriber and contributor this month for LoftTalk @ Loft101.net  Her idea is brilliant and I can't wait to try it out ;-)  Thanks Dolmecia!  I love your creative idea for a splendid night out.  This is truly an "introducing you to something new" idea, that you have to try...enjoy!

*This submission will ARCHIVE to Corner Loft101 Page in 30 days for future reviews 
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How To Host A Cooking Class & Taste Gathering
By:  Dolmecia
"Let’s get together!"  I don’t like being alone, I love cooking and entertaining.  Big gatherings can be very draining, physically and financially.  There are times when I just want to hang out at home, in between the big gatherings. "But what if there was something that could allow you to entertain without breaking your back or your wallet?"  Well, I came up with two things that allow me to enjoy my passion for cooking, entertaining and sharing the wonderful calories that I don’t want or need but passionately enjoy ;-)!   Here's my ideas and suggestions for getting family and friends together!
 Cooking Classes & Taste Gatherings 
Here it is...Cooking Classes and Taste Gatherings.  From my experience, I've learned that people don't often turn down a free meal and it really makes a lot of sense to me because the way I see it is, "you can't beat free!"  Better yet, I get an opportunity to do something very AWESOME for others and I only have to plan a couple of days in advance!

A.  Host A Cooking Class.

If you have something that you make very well and find that people are always asking for the recipe, consider teaching them how to make it.  Host a cooking class!  Invite 2 to 3 people and tell them what supplies they need to bring ahead of time.  This is a great way to get people together because when you host a cooking class, everyone invited will be active participants in making their own meals.  Hosting a cooking class is also a great idea for getting couples together.  You can drink, talk, laugh, and enjoy everyone’s company.  Your guests get to take home the leftovers also.  During one of my classes, we did rum balls.  My brother is now a pro at making rum balls...LOL!!  He so good at making them, that others request him to make them all the time.  I love it because that takes me off the hook now, for having to make them for everyone!!  Was I smart or what....;-)?
B.  Suggestions For Hosting A Cooking Class.
Keep the number of participants low.  Remember you have to help them and they may have to share some of the tools.
Keep recipe simple so that you can enjoy the cooking and the company.  Easy recipes like, Rum balls, Pizza, Pasta Dishes, etc. 
Have guests bring only the major food ingredients.  Items you typically will have at home that you normally use a little of, like vanilla, salt, onions, etc. can be shared.  No need to have guests bring those types of items.
Prep some items in advance, if you can.
Supply the tools, that guests will use.
Make the clean-up a fun event.

C.  Taste Gathering.
I get various food magazines and I like trying new recipes including the ones that have ingredients that I don't eat.  What better way to try new recipes by having a taste gathering. A taste gathering is different from a tasting party, where people get a small sampling.  I’m talking true tasting to the fullest.  I call my family over to taste and provide feedback.   It’s a good way to get people over without the prep work of an official gathering.  People don’t turn down good food and great company...lol!

D.  Suggestions For Taste Gathering.
Keep the number of participants low.  Remember you are having them come over to sample taste only!  You are not having a full-blown party ;-).
No extra cleaning is needed. Remember, you are welcoming your guests into your home, just as it is, every day.  Everyone has one or two things out of place but that’s to be expected.
Recipe can be anything you would like to make. It can be a simple dessert, three-course meal, or a casserole.  Try to fix something that can become a conversation piece. Something your guests might not have heard of before.
Let your guests know ahead of time, that they will be your guinea pig ;-) for this taste testing...lol!!
Be creative and make up your own dish or add additional items to an existing recipe.  Discuss how you came up with the idea.
During nice weather days, serve outside and enjoy the weather.
Table Topic Cubes keep the conversation going and you always learn something new about your guests.  It's a fun and interesting way to explore the situations we face, every day.  The topics range from the simple, to the serious and everywhere else in between. You can purchase table topic cubes at Amazon.com 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Becoming A Certified Professional Coach {CPC}: Excited & Welcoming A New Journey!

 Welcome to my Loft!  Get comfortable, get cozy and get ready for a new journey that I want to share with you! You are invited to "go with me", for the  next 7 months, as I aspire to become a Certified Professional Coach {CPC}, at one of the top 3 coaching schools in the country. My lifestyle, life goals, both personal and professional, are ever changing, just as I'm sure yours are.  I need "balance."  We need "balance."
My mission is to live a lifestyle that I can enjoy.  One that offers ease and new discoveries.  My vision is pretty simple: To Live The Ultimate Life!  I am in the process of incorporating my future coaching career into what I do every day, "introducing you" to new things.  I pray, coach, consult, inspire, share, listen, advise, teach, facilitate, create and dream, on a daily basis.  What will be different now, on my new journey?  Well, I will be a certified professional, in a field of expertise, that is also my innate gift! 
I love to talk and share with others.  I look forward to hosting my first "motivational speaking workshop!"  I am a trailblazer for women following their own thing and doing it well!  I know someone who is not only a beautiful person but a dynamic woman that I want the world to meet because she is the "truth" and an entrepreneur in her own right, owning her own family business, that is big time booming!!  She has been a mentor to me and very supportive, as I grow my future business ideas.  Hopefully,  I can have her share her story on LoftTalk @ Loft101.net, one of these months.
 It's a new season and it's a new day for me and I welcome you to join me on "my new journey!" I thank God for the wisdom He gave me to create Loft101.net.  By creating this blog, nearly one year ago, allowed me to not only follow my dreams, but to implement them.  For me, Loft101.net started off as something fun to do.  It became a place to share my real life, real voice, my decorating and craft ideas, to encourage others to think-out-the-box and become innovative thinkers.  Favorably, Loft101.net became my new baby!  It's like a family member and very slowly becoming a household name, for some, that are truly following and look forward to the next thing, I'm going to write about!  I'm grateful for those "faithful few", that are sticking with me.   I know who you are and you won't be forgotten ...lol!!  
  has provided opportunities for me that are expanding into new ideas, discovering new places and a chance to meet new people. I welcome these joys from God.
 Now, with this new journey, to become a Certified Professional Coach (CPC),  I know my opportunities and expectations are unlimited!  I plan to start my coaching company, soon after I'm certified.  I have already began writing my first Loft101.net book!! I'm not even close to publishing..lol..but it's in the future works!  Oh yea, my Loft101.net  blog is not going anywhere!  This is my platform, where I began to live out my dreams and it will only grow as I continue to grow...

My new journey is about to begin and yours can too!  Be inspired to dream big too and stay in the race... "We can do this together."
 Love ya!
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