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Cleaning & Sharing Chores with Your Significant Other {SO}: LoftTalk @ Loft101.net Contributor {BELL - May 2015}

How much do you love your "Boo"... ;-) lol?  Well, Bell, a Loft101.net subscriber and contributor, shares some interesting and funny insight on delegating chores with her Significant Other (SO)!  Bell, loves her "Boo", big time and it's very obvious by the advice and ideas she shares with us on how they meet down the middle, while managing the chores!  I love the humor she shares throughout & I know you will enjoy reading this just as much as I did!  "Thanks Bell"
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Advice On House Cleaning & Sharing Chores With Your Significant Other {SO}
By:  Bell 
"So I don't have much to offer, however here's some likely, unneeded advice!"  ;-)
After having seven siblings at one point growing up, chores are my hell! I don’t make my bed in the mornings and my idea of keeping my clothes folded and hung up, is to not have too many items so it will never be too much work for me to do...sorry, but this is the truth! 

Anyway, my significant other (SO) is the complete opposite of me and unfortunately I can't get around it, I have to help with the chores ;-)! Well, after giving it some thought, I realized that if I must do chores, then I have to do them in a logical and quick manner. Who wants to spend hours doing something they really don't want to do?

"So to all of you that have to do chores but really don't want to, I've got some tips that work for me and my significant other (SO).  Perhaps they can work for you and your SO too!!"   
1Split the chores up. My significant other (SO) is very anal....lol!! I am not. Here's what I do and you can too.  There are certain chores that my SO is obsessed with having done.  Therefore, since I know this already, I delegate all of those types of chores to him!  That way, I know they will get done the way that he likes them to be done. For example, my SO handles pots while I do all the other dishes. I refuse to vacuum everyday so he is in charge of vacuuming.  Splitting up chores in this manner works out well for us....;-)! 

2.  It irritates me to see my SO cleaning one pot for hours while I clean the kitchen, so I ask him to vacuum the 2nd floor while I continue cleaning the kitchen, in peace ;-)!  This allows us to get two areas done that much faster and keeps us "smiling", while we work!

3.  Work from top to bottom. My SO tried to change the sheets after he dusted and vacuumed. We have "down" blankets and he got feathers EVERYWHERE. It was crazy! Now, we have learned that we should take a couple of minutes to plan how chores should be done before we start. It will save a lot of time, work and unneeded aggravation.

4.  Almost always, you should start with cleaning your laundry and your dishes (hello washing machine, dryer and dishwasher!).  This way, you can repeat the wash and dry loads as they finish and keep refilling the dishwasher, all day long!  By the time you're done with housecleaning, your laundry and dishes will be finished.

5.  I find that when cleaning, it is much easier to move items out of the way, than to try and clean around them. You risk dropping things and scratching surfaces. Being lazy and just cleaning around them, doesn't allow you to clean as well either.  It's a lot easier to move things out of the way, before you start.

6.  Pets. If you have pets that shed, please try to comb them outdoors. Just do it!  It's really not worth grooming them indoors, AT ALL!   It may be hard at first, for you to force yourself to exercise this effort everyday, but try and do it, as much as you possibly can.

7.  Some chores, sometimes, require extra man power such as cleaning the toilets, sinks, countertops.  Think about lightly soaking these surfaces with hot water and nonabrasive cleaner, while you work on something else. It will loosen the debris so it’s easier to clean, when you come back.

8.  Check your warranties. I grew up mopping floors but our floors require floor cleaner and I believe it’s called a dry mop. Also, having a carpet cleaner is not enough. Our carpets require a heavy duty cleaning, every year and "no", using the Green Machine does not provide that.  You should call in the professionals, if you really want your carpet to look as fresh as possible. As someone who owns a Green Machine and a black light, "I promise you, there is a difference."

Happy House Working!!