Monday, June 1, 2015

Becoming A Certified Professional Coach {CPC}: Excited & Welcoming A New Journey!

 Welcome to my Loft!  Get comfortable, get cozy and get ready for a new journey that I want to share with you! You are invited to "go with me", for the  next 7 months, as I aspire to become a Certified Professional Coach {CPC}, at one of the top 3 coaching schools in the country. My lifestyle, life goals, both personal and professional, are ever changing, just as I'm sure yours are.  I need "balance."  We need "balance."
My mission is to live a lifestyle that I can enjoy.  One that offers ease and new discoveries.  My vision is pretty simple: To Live The Ultimate Life!  I am in the process of incorporating my future coaching career into what I do every day, "introducing you" to new things.  I pray, coach, consult, inspire, share, listen, advise, teach, facilitate, create and dream, on a daily basis.  What will be different now, on my new journey?  Well, I will be a certified professional, in a field of expertise, that is also my innate gift! 
I love to talk and share with others.  I look forward to hosting my first "motivational speaking workshop!"  I am a trailblazer for women following their own thing and doing it well!  I know someone who is not only a beautiful person but a dynamic woman that I want the world to meet because she is the "truth" and an entrepreneur in her own right, owning her own family business, that is big time booming!!  She has been a mentor to me and very supportive, as I grow my future business ideas.  Hopefully,  I can have her share her story on LoftTalk @, one of these months.
 It's a new season and it's a new day for me and I welcome you to join me on "my new journey!" I thank God for the wisdom He gave me to create  By creating this blog, nearly one year ago, allowed me to not only follow my dreams, but to implement them.  For me, started off as something fun to do.  It became a place to share my real life, real voice, my decorating and craft ideas, to encourage others to think-out-the-box and become innovative thinkers.  Favorably, became my new baby!  It's like a family member and very slowly becoming a household name, for some, that are truly following and look forward to the next thing, I'm going to write about!  I'm grateful for those "faithful few", that are sticking with me.   I know who you are and you won't be forgotten!!
  has provided opportunities for me that are expanding into new ideas, discovering new places and a chance to meet new people. I welcome these joys from God.
 Now, with this new journey, to become a Certified Professional Coach (CPC),  I know my opportunities and expectations are unlimited!  I plan to start my coaching company, soon after I'm certified.  I have already began writing my first book!! I'm not even close to it's in the future works!  Oh yea, my  blog is not going anywhere!  This is my platform, where I began to live out my dreams and it will only grow as I continue to grow...

My new journey is about to begin and yours can too!  Be inspired to dream big too and stay in the race... "We can do this together."
 Love ya!
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