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How To Host A Cooking Class & Taste Gathering: LoftTalk @ Loft101.net Contributor {DOLMECIA - May 2015}

Ever thought about getting some family or friends together for a fun night out?  Well, check out this idea from Dolmecia, a Loft101.net subscriber and contributor this month for LoftTalk @ Loft101.net  Her idea is brilliant and I can't wait to try it out ;-)  Thanks Dolmecia!  I love your creative idea for a splendid night out.  This is truly an "introducing you to something new" idea, that you have to try...enjoy!

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How To Host A Cooking Class & Taste Gathering
By:  Dolmecia
"Let’s get together!"  I don’t like being alone, I love cooking and entertaining.  Big gatherings can be very draining, physically and financially.  There are times when I just want to hang out at home, in between the big gatherings. "But what if there was something that could allow you to entertain without breaking your back or your wallet?"  Well, I came up with two things that allow me to enjoy my passion for cooking, entertaining and sharing the wonderful calories that I don’t want or need but passionately enjoy ;-)!   Here's my ideas and suggestions for getting family and friends together!
 Cooking Classes & Taste Gatherings 
Here it is...Cooking Classes and Taste Gatherings.  From my experience, I've learned that people don't often turn down a free meal and it really makes a lot of sense to me because the way I see it is, "you can't beat free!"  Better yet, I get an opportunity to do something very AWESOME for others and I only have to plan a couple of days in advance!

A.  Host A Cooking Class.

If you have something that you make very well and find that people are always asking for the recipe, consider teaching them how to make it.  Host a cooking class!  Invite 2 to 3 people and tell them what supplies they need to bring ahead of time.  This is a great way to get people together because when you host a cooking class, everyone invited will be active participants in making their own meals.  Hosting a cooking class is also a great idea for getting couples together.  You can drink, talk, laugh, and enjoy everyone’s company.  Your guests get to take home the leftovers also.  During one of my classes, we did rum balls.  My brother is now a pro at making rum balls...LOL!!  He so good at making them, that others request him to make them all the time.  I love it because that takes me off the hook now, for having to make them for everyone!!  Was I smart or what....;-)?
B.  Suggestions For Hosting A Cooking Class.
Keep the number of participants low.  Remember you have to help them and they may have to share some of the tools.
Keep recipe simple so that you can enjoy the cooking and the company.  Easy recipes like, Rum balls, Pizza, Pasta Dishes, etc. 
Have guests bring only the major food ingredients.  Items you typically will have at home that you normally use a little of, like vanilla, salt, onions, etc. can be shared.  No need to have guests bring those types of items.
Prep some items in advance, if you can.
Supply the tools, that guests will use.
Make the clean-up a fun event.

C.  Taste Gathering.
I get various food magazines and I like trying new recipes including the ones that have ingredients that I don't eat.  What better way to try new recipes by having a taste gathering. A taste gathering is different from a tasting party, where people get a small sampling.  I’m talking true tasting to the fullest.  I call my family over to taste and provide feedback.   It’s a good way to get people over without the prep work of an official gathering.  People don’t turn down good food and great company...lol!

D.  Suggestions For Taste Gathering.
Keep the number of participants low.  Remember you are having them come over to sample taste only!  You are not having a full-blown party ;-).
No extra cleaning is needed. Remember, you are welcoming your guests into your home, just as it is, every day.  Everyone has one or two things out of place but that’s to be expected.
Recipe can be anything you would like to make. It can be a simple dessert, three-course meal, or a casserole.  Try to fix something that can become a conversation piece. Something your guests might not have heard of before.
Let your guests know ahead of time, that they will be your guinea pig ;-) for this taste testing...lol!!
Be creative and make up your own dish or add additional items to an existing recipe.  Discuss how you came up with the idea.
During nice weather days, serve outside and enjoy the weather.
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