Friday, June 26, 2015

My Thought For Today: Learning to Live With My 75% What is Your Reasonable Portion?

Happy Friday ;-)!!
So, perhaps you woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed, or as soon as you started your day off, someone got in your way, said the wrong thing and was just plain old rude to you and that really made you mad!  Oh, I know the feeling and guess what, it won't be the last!  If you are like me and so many others, you probably look forward to the "Happy Fridays" and the week ending so that you can plan a kick-back, banging weekend but out of the clear blue sky, someone comes along and attempts to spoil your joy!

Well, I have a thought for you today and I want to share it because it is truly one of my pet peeves that I follow, all the time.  If you know me, I've probably shared it with you, in conversation, one time or another.  Everyone cannot follow this mind set that I do because some people need it "all" and others are content with a "reasonable portion."  My reasonable portion is 75%.  Yours may be 95% or 80%.  I don't know. For each of us, it will be different.

You see, the way that I decided that 75% was more than enough for me is when I realized that all of the things I want or desire, will not come at the same time.  That's just life.  Even with the way people act toward me, I've learned to live with that.  I forgive and keep moving.  If I'm wrong, I apologize and still keep moving.  It took me awhile to get content with my 75% but I'm so glad that I did!  There are many things that we want to do or want to happen but more times than not, they will happen but perhaps at different times in your life or at different places in your life.  Oh, I'm not ashamed to say that sometimes it seems as though what I long for, will never happen!  Learning to live with less than you desire makes the reward so much more greater when you receive it or when it happens.  With this mindset and adopting this way of thinking, disappointments are almost never entertained because in your mind, you know that you are grateful and appreciative of whatever "good thing" comes your way.  You don't need it "all".

We have no control over how things will happen in our lives.  Only God has the control over my life and sometimes God will pour out on me and my family, more than I 've asked for and sometimes He will sit me down, to wait.  There have been times that I've never seen the desires I've asked for but I know that what He has provided is more than enough and I'm still happy and grateful!

What is your reasonable portion?  Think about it.  Be content with it and soon you will see that no matter what your % is, it will be more than enough for YOU!  Blessings to you, always.....
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