Tuesday, June 30, 2015

4 Weeks of Summer With My "Meet Me In The Kitchen" Blog Series : Ideas For A Naturally Healthier Body & Better Skin: Soaps, Scrubs, Salads, Seltzer & Salmon

How much do you love this time of the year?  Well, for me, "I love, love love the summertime!!!"  I like to get out as much as I can and soak up the natural essentials like the sun, sand and warm waves of the oceanfront.  

I'm a Jersey girl and the Jersey Shore is in my blood!  Fortunately, my hubby is from there too, so we both love hot weather and hanging out at the beach as often as we can.  I grew up with a pool in our backyard, so I'm use to being able to be near the water often.  Now, ask me how well I can swim and I can truly say, I'm an average swimmer but I don't play with the waves!!  I go just far enough in to get wet...LOL!!   
Now, with the sun, comes the fun...yes???  Here's the problem with all that fun we have.  Our skin suffers and can tend to dry out, more often than usual. Our feet are exposed more and our heels take the worst beating.  Our sweat glands work on overtime and our thirst for water, increases by the minute.  In the summer, our diet changes by default simply because our bodies seem to desire less to eat, in the heat. 

Beginning July 6th, I will be sharing posts that will provide healthy ideas, recipes, tips and benefits especially for you, during the summer months.  

Week One (Starts July 6th thru July 10th):  
I'll be sharing how to make homemade soaps & scrubs, right in your kitchen, from scratch!  You can use them to help prevent your skin from drying out and create a smoother feel.

Week Two:  (Starts July 13th thru July 17th)
I'll surprise you with some salads that I love to eat but primarily are very healthy for you.  

Week Three:  (Starts July 20th thru July 24th)
Who doesn't love water?  Well, you'd be surprise how hard it is for some to drink water.  That's why I'll be sharing several seltzer waters that you can make at home and enjoy the benefits of drinking water more! 

Week Four:  (Starts July 27th thru July 31)
Salmon is my all time favorite fish and salmon is also very good for you.  It provides nutrients that are very healthy for you.  I'll share some favorite salmon recipes that I enjoy fixing.  Summer is fun but it can also be healthy! So stay tuned for more and keep following!

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